Vehicle Registration Form

  • Student, License, and Insurance Information

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  • Vehicle Description

  • Brand of vehicle (i.e. Honda, Toyota, Chevrolet, etc.)
  • Type of vehicle (i.e. Accord, Camry, Suburban, etc.)
  • MMI Vehicle Policy

  • It is Marion Military Institute policy that students may not borrow from or loan registered vehicles to another student while on campus unless approved by the Commandant of Cadets. Any transfer of use to anyone other than the student to which the vehicle is registered to requires written permission from the legal owner of the vehicle and proof of insurance. Parking permit stickers must be properly displayed at all times that the vehicle is on MMI campus. Students are not allowed to drive to PT, sporting events, or any other event. Driving on campus is only allowed if leaving campus on pass or leave. Registered vehicles are only allowed to be parked in the lot assigned to the registered vehicle. All student vehicle rules as stated in the MMI Cadet Manual must be adhered to at all times. Violations of these rules will be enforced and will result in a citation and parking violation fine, as well as possible disciplinary action. Violations of vehicle rules as stated in the MMI Cadet Manual is a Category II offense. After three violations in a year, vehicle privileges may be revoked. Students’ ability to have a vehicle on campus is a privilege, not a right. All inoperable vehicles may remain on campus for no more than 10 days before being restored to operable status. In accordance with MMI cadet regulations, all vehicles are subject to search while entering, leaving, or parked on Marion Military Institute campus. I do hereby expressly consent to the search of any vehicle I bring on MMI’s campus by MMI personnel. By signing, I agree that I have read and fully understand all regulations and rules associated with campus vehicle privileges. I also agree to allow a $50.00 parking permit fee per semester to be charged to my student account.
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