A Dozen Join MMI Service Academy Panel

One hundred twenty Marion Military Institute cadets enrolled in our Service Academy Program heard and interacted with twelve Service Academy graduates Monday afternoon, 10 February 2020. The twelve Academy graduates had attended West Point, Annapolis, the Air Force Academy, or the Coast Guard Academy. Two of the twelve graduates had themselves successfully completed MMI’s year-long Service Academy Program before matriculating into their respective Academies. The Academy graduates, eleven of whom graduated within the past 3 years and came from five Southern states for the event. They shared insights on what it took for them to earn appointments to their respective Academies, what it took for them to successfully complete their courses of study and graduate, and how the Academies developed them into the leaders who they are today. To Marion cadets, the twelve Academy graduates represent what and who they aspire to become. The graduates serve as role models, someone whom Marion cadets could identify. Seeing and interacting with Academy graduates served to motivate and inspire our current crop of Service Academy cadets to become as competitive as possible in earning appointments