Consistent with the mission of Marion Military Institute, the mission of Baer Memorial Library is to provide quality resources to support the curriculum; expert services to support Marion Military Institute cadets, faculty, and staff; and an environment where lifelong learning is encouraged and where cadets can meet their educational, informational, and socialization needs.

General Information

MMI’s Baer Memorial Library serves the needs of cadets, faculty and staff.  More general information about the library including rules, study guides and FAQs are available here. The basement of the library houses computer labs and classrooms.  The second floor has a large meeting room with a big-screen television and the school’s archives.


The main floor of Baer Memorial Library contains more than 22,000 items.  These items are searchable from OPAC stations around the library.  Computers are provided for cadets to write papers and access to the Internet.  While reference and AV items are not available for checkout, the library provides a copier and a TV/VCR/DVD station for student use.  The library subscribes to more than 50 periodicals along with area and national newspapers.

Because MMI is a public institution, access to the Alabama Virtual Library is provided to all students.  MMI also provides access to Early American, and a list of vetted web sites, all accessible via the library’s main web site.


Marion Military Institute’s (MMI) library is named for Mildred Pope Baer, MMI’s librarian for twe

nty-five years.  Mrs. Baer was killed in a car accident in 1957.  Cadets contributed to a flower fund and found that they had $225.53 left over after the purchase of the funeral wreath, which they used to start a library-building fund.

The library was dedicated on May 21, 1966.