College Preview Days

Fri. MARCH 31

Take a College Visit to Marion

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Speak with MMI cadets about campus life, get an overview of programs & extracurriculars, and discuss financial aid. Lunch is on us!

Tentative Schedule

9:00-9:15 Meet Admissions Staff & Check-in QM
9:20-9:55 President Welcome & Extra Curricular Briefing Chapel
10:00-10:55 Academic & First Responders Demonstration Classrooms
Parents Brief with Academics & Commandant Chapel
11:00-11:55 Lunch QM
12:00-12:10 Observe Pass in Review Chapel Steps
12:10-1:00 Overview of Programs Chapel
1:00-1:30 Cost, Aid, and Scholarships – Parents Brief Chapel
Students Q&A with Cadets QM
1:30-2:30 Campus Tour Campus
2:30 Admissions Staff Available QM


The following testimonials reflect the dynamic, whole-person education for which MMI is known:


“Thank you for a great year and for helping me make my dreams come true. I truly wouldn't have wanted it any other way. I am proud to say that I am Marion Made!!!” -J.S., MMI ’21 U.S. Air Force Academy ‘25


"My employer told me when they saw MMI on my resume, they said to each other, ‘We love that school, and we have to get this guy!’ It made my day and reassured me of the really good choice I made in attending MMI." -C.P.L., LEP '18


“My time in Alabama was such an amazing period of development in both character and leadership. Everyone I interacted with was determined to see me succeed, and that truly is a blessing." -M.F., MMI ‘21