Degree Programs

MMI awards Associate in Science & Associate in Arts degrees.



Area I –  Written Composition:  6 credit hours required

ENG 101 and 102 – Freshman Composition (I and II) – 6 credit hours

Area II – Humanities and Fine Arts:  12 credit hours required

Literature:  3 or 6 credit hours
Students must complete EITHER a literature sequence OR a history sequence.

Arts:  3 credit hours
Those transferring to an Alabama state university must complete either Art Appreciation or Art History

The remaining 3 or 6 credit hours to be selected from Humanities and/or Arts.

Area III – Mathematics and Natural Science:  11 credit hours required

Mathematics – 3 credit hours required

One course above MTH 100 is required.

Natural Science (Sequence) – 8 credit hours required

Area IV – History, Social and Behavioral Sciences:  12 credit hours required 

Students must complete EITHER a history sequence OR a literature sequence.

Must complete at least 3 credit hours in History

Must complete at least 6 credit hours from other Social and Behavioral Science Disciplines

Remaining 3 credit hours from any History, Social, and Behavioral Science Discipline

Area V – Pre-Professional, Pre-Major and Elective Courses:  23 credit hours required

Must include Military Science (4 to 12 credit hours)

Early Commissioning Program – MSC 201, 201, 241, and 124 (12 credit hours) and MSC 110 each semester (4 credit hours)

Leadership Education Program and Service Academy Program  – MSC 106, 108, 120, and 122 (4 credit hours)

Air Force Basic Cadet and Service Academy Program – AFS 104A, 106, 110, 112, 231, 233, 241, 243  (4 credit hours)

2017-2018 Catalog

For detailed course descriptions, see the catalog