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Greetings from Marion Military Institute

Marion Military Institute (MMI) is the nation’s oldest military junior college. With its origin dating back to 1842, the Institute has achieved a national reputation for developing young men and women into successful and prominent leaders in the military, in business and in government.

Our foundation is built upon a top-notch and robust academic program that contributes significantly to our high success rate for cadet acceptance and transfer to four-year universities, including our nearly 83% acceptance rate for those qualified cadets seeking appointments to each of the service academies. But there is much more at MMI that contributes to this success. It is found in our unique whole-person approach to education which is embedded in our military tradition. This tradition is reflected in cadet life that is defined by a full-time military experience that emphasizes education in physical fitness, moral fitness, and leadership. Cadets are prepared for success in any future educational institution they go on to attend. More importantly, they are prepared for success in life.

MMI’s whole-person approach helps educate cadets in critical thought, judgement, decision-making, and character development. Cadets learn about the most basic tenets of good leadership. The uniforms they wear, the drill they practice, the athletics and physical training they do, the barracks they keep, and the structure and discipline they live by, all provide an education that develops cadet self-discipline, accountability, responsibility, and a commitment to only the highest standards of excellence.

Finally, cadets will find themselves bound to the large Corps of Cadets, and through this they attain a basic sense of duty, teamwork, and service for the greater good. Cadets learn to understand the very ideals MMI’s motto upholds: Truth, Honor, Service. The MMI experience is one that will define each cadet forever.

I encourage you to visit our campus, talk to our faculty and staff, and examine our programs. Whether you are interested in military service or not, the whole-person education received here will lay the foundation for success in any endeavor you choose to pursue in life.

David J. Mollahan
Colonel, USMC (Ret)

President, Marion Military Institute




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Colonel David J. Mollahan - United States Marine Corps, Retired

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