Anthony J. Rane Center for Leadership

To better meet this country’s need for competent and well-rounded leaders of character in both the military and civilian sectors, MMI established the Anthony J. Rane Center for Leadership, which is the focal point for cadet character and leadership development at MMI. The mission of the Center is to advance leadership education, training and character development within MMI’s Corps of Cadets through rigorous academic study of leadership theory reinforced by challenging character building practical exercises, thus forming the character and leadership foundation in our cadets to be successful in either military or civilian careers.

The Anthony J. Rane Center for Leadership serves as the bedrock at MMI for developing foundational character traits and leadership skills for further development at four-year universities, U.S. service academies, and/or military and civilian careers. This foundational approach is emphasized through a series of deliberate, persistent activities incorporated in the organizational structure of a military college. The Corps of Cadets structure is at the heart of the development system where character and leadership skills at learned, practiced, and tested on a daily basis. This “leadership laboratory” is accompanied by curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular activities that enrich the cadets’ experience through the introduction and reinforcement of character and leadership concepts that directly correlate to setting the foundation for developing future leaders of character.

In addition to scheduled activities throughout the school year, each spring, the Center for Leadership hosts the Capstone Leadership Symposium, the culminating leadership education event each year for the entire Corps of Cadets. The Symposium is a day-and-a-half long event that includes seminars, panel discussions, a women’s leadership forum, and a keynote speaker.