College closed.

Due to weather conditions, MMI will be closed WED Jan. 17 except for essential personnel.

Civilian path.

Immerse yourself in a leadership environment with no military obligation. More than 45% of our Corps of Cadets takes their Leadership Education Program (LEP) experience into civilian career paths. Join the alumni ranks of business executives and professionals who share this unique educational foundation.

Military path.

If you've ever dreamed of serving your country as a U.S. military officer, Marion is your training ground. As an MMI cadet, you can choose the best track to earn a commission in your preferred branch.

175 years of leaders.

Since 1842, we’ve given young men and women the backbone and grit, the courage and know-how to lead. We educate leaders who are prepared to face the challenges of tomorrow, whether they be in the field of battle or in fields completely unrelated to military service. We take great pride in sending strong young men and women out into the world to take charge.

Academy bound.

Highly-qualified students are invited to enroll in MMI's one-year Service Academy Program (SAP), a challenging curriculum designed to prepare cadets for successful transfer to either West Point, the Naval, Coast Guard, Air Force or Merchant Marine Academies. Countless SAP alumni will tell you that their Marion year laid a solid foundation for the rigors of Academy life.

Take the oath.

Yes, you can earn your second lieutenant's bars in just two years. MMI is one of only four military junior colleges in the nation offering the Army ROTC Early Commissioning Program (ECP), an accelerated path to becoming an officer. Cadre will provide the training and help develop the skills you need along the way, from graduating Basic Camp to receiving your first salute.

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What does it mean to be Marion Made?

Marion Military Institute has been shaping young men and women into distinguished professionals for more than 175 years. An MMI education provides more than an associate’s degree. You will receive quality instruction through an accredited curriculum; leadership development experiences; physical training; and moral and ethical character education that will mold you into a talented and dynamic individual.

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