Tuition and Fees

A uniform pre-payment of $2,470 is required of all first year cadets at matriculation. This amount is the cost of a full issue of standard uniform items. Uniform costs for college cadets can be offset by allowances paid by the Army as described under ROTC FINANCIAL BENEFITS hereon.  Graduating cadets are required to pay a $45 diploma fee.

Yearly charges for boarding college cadets: 

*Fees are charged per credit hour.  Values displayed are based on an average of 21-credit hours per semester.  Actual expense is based on individual course load. Technology Fee is $9/credit hour; ACS Reserve Fee is $1/credit hour; Facility Fee is $9/credit hour.

**Cadets may wish to purchase additional uniform items not included in the standard issue.

***Book costs vary according to individual course load. Costs are subject to change

Additional Costs Other Than Tuition and Fees:

The Student Right to Know and Campus Security Act require that institutions supply a cost of attendance to prospective students.  In addition to the tuition and fees listed above, parents and students should be aware that other costs (not payable to the institution) can be incurred depending on the individual cadet’s requirements.  An estimate has been provided below, but non-resident students should check flight costs based on their personal residence.

Costs for College Cadets entering first semester are payable as follows:


A room deposit of $200 is required upon acceptance to reserve your dormitory room. This deposit will be credited to your account.Uniform fees must be paid in full the first semester.

Payment of tuition and fees is due before the first day of class. According to the Constitution of Alabama, 1901, Section 93, a state agency shall not lend money or its credit to any individual, association, or corporation, except as may be expressly authorized by the Constitution of Alabama, or amendments thereto. Pell Grants and other scholarship students will be the only students allowed to attend class before full payment of tuition and fees has been received.
Payment of tuition and fees: 

Costs for College Cadets entering second semester are payable as follows: