Alabama’s newest Military Hall of Honor Inductees

The Alabama Military Hall of Honor, located on the MMI campus, hosted its 2013 induction ceremony on Friday, October 25--when it welcomed two more Alabama natives into its distinguished group: Marion native MAJ Stan Rodimon, an MMI alumnus and Vietnam veteran, attended with wife Linda and extended family. Representing inductee MG Oliver Dillard (age 87) was his daughter, Dianne Broadnax of Maryland, and his sponsor Col. Steve Perkins of Ft. Bragg. 

Speaking for the occasion was former Marine Maj. Gen. Gary Cooper of Mobile.

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Major Stanley J. Rodimon – Awarded the SILVER STAR MEDAL for gallantry in action.  Captain Rodimon distinguished himself by gallantry in action on 30 March 1968 while serving as Provincial Reconnaissance Unit Advisor, Gocong Sector, Republic of Viet Nam.  Captain Rodimon was accompanying a three platoon force moving to conduct a raid on a VC combat hamlet. Two platoons received heavy contact with a vastly superior VC force and were force to withdraw to the vicinity of the command post while still under fire.  Captain Rodimon radioed for artillery support and without regard for his personal safety continually exposed himself to intensive enemy fire while moving to a position from which he could make appropriate artillery adjustments. As a result of this action, effective artillery fire was brought to bear on the objective, thus allowing the two assault platoons to successfully regroup in the area of the Command Post while sustaining minimal casualties.  Despite the effectiveness of the artillery fire, the enemy succeeded in occupying three sides of the friendly perimeter and delivered highly accurate interlocking grazing fire from four machine guns. Captain Rodimon advised his counterpart to effect a move to a position which would provide increased cover and greater field of fire, while moving the enemy began an accurate barrage of rockets.  During the move some of the less experienced troops became disoriented and started moving in the wrong direction.  Once again Captain Rodimon exposed himself to intensive enemy fire without regard for his personal safety to rally the troops and move them to the desired position.  During this action, Captain Rodimon was severely wounded in the left leg, refusing medical treatment he located his radio operator while observing the enemy moving in an attempt to out flank his new position.  Captain Rodimon painfully moved to a position which enabled him to deliver accurate fire upon the enemy and other members of his team followed thwarting the attempt to be outflanked.  Captain Rodimon reestablished the perimeter, continuing to refuse medical treatment be began supervising the assembly of the wounded, while under constant fire, coordinating artillery strikes.  As a result of Captain Rodimon’s singularly impressive display of battlefield courage an inspired Vietnamese Force was able to avoid annihilation of a well laid trap by a vastly superior enemy force.

Major Rodimon was born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and his family moved to Marion, Alabama in 1941.  Major Rodimon attended grammar school at Perry County High School and attended high school at Marion Military Institute.  Major Rodimon received an Associate of Arts degree at Marion Military Institute.  Major Rodimon graduated from the University of Alabama.

Major General Oliver W. Dillard – Awarded the SILVER STAR MEDAL for gallantry in action.  On September 14, 1950 near Masan, Korea, Lieutenant Dillard and a group of 40 men remained in position to stop an overwhelming attack by a large hostile force.  Joining the fire fight and moving among his men to aid the wounded and direct the defense, he inspired the group to inflict heavy casualties on the fanatic force and to withstand repeated banzi attacks. Lieutenant Dillard was wounded twice during his Korean service.  Lieutenant Dillard’s gallant leadership and determined will to victory are in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Army.  Major General Oliver W. Dillard was born in Margaret, Alabama, graduated from Fairfield Industrial High School and attended Tuskegee Institute.  Major General Dillard was drafted into the United States Army in June 1945; among his many assignments, he served as Providence Senior Advisor in Vietnam, also served as Assistant Division Commander, 2d Armored Division, Ft. Hood, Texas.  Major General Dillard served on active duty until February 1, 1980.