Cadets Present Wreath at Tomb of Unknown Soldier

On Saturday, Sept. 8, two members of MMI's honor guard were privileged to present the wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery. Representing MMI were Corps of Cadets Battalion Commander Morgan Gaither and Honor Guard Commander Johanna Thompson, accompanied by MMI TAC officer SFC Kent James, USA (Ret). For over 175 years, Marion Military Institute has been developing young leaders of character.  A great many of these young men and women have gone on to serve our country in times of peace and war, with many giving their last full measure of devotion for the causes of freedom and liberty.  MMI takes great pride in being the oldest military junior college in the country with a deep well of history and tradition to back up our strong feelings of loyalty and respect to this institution.  Our decision to conduct an annual wreath laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington Cemetery is the perfect way for our Corps of Cadets to pay homage to our country and its military in the seat of our nation’s capital, to include all those from our long line of cadets who also paid the ultimate price for their country.   MMI plans to make this an annual event, to take place around September 11th.  The Honor Guard will select two of their outstanding members to lay the wreath as representatives of the Corps of Cadets.  The original idea to lay the wreath was made in 2018 by David Kelly Jr, the parent of a cadet.  The event is made possible by MMI’s newly created Anthony J. Rane Center for Leadership.