Bugle Calls

*will continue to be played over the PA system from the guard house.

** played by companies within each barracks.

Assembly: Signals cadets to assemble at a designated place. (LRC, DRC)

Call to Quarters: Signals all personnel not authorized to be absent to their quarters for the night. (PMCQ)

Call to Church: Signals religious services are about to begin. The call may also be used to announce the formation of a funeral escort.

Mess Call: Signals mealtime.

Recall: Signals duties or drills to cease (end of academic/commandant’s time).

Retreat: Signals the end of the official day. (lowering colors)

Reveille: Used to accompany the raising of the National Colors.

School Call: Signals school is about to begin.

Taps: Signals that unauthorized lights are to be extinguished. This is the last call of the day. The call is also sounded at the completion of a military funeral ceremony.

Tattoo: Signals that all light in the barracks be extinguished and that all loud talking and other disturbances be discontinued within 15 minutes.

To the Colors: To the Colors is a bugle call to render honors to the nation. It is used when no band is available to render honors, or in ceremonies requiring honors to the nation more than once. To the Colors commands all the same courtesies as the National Anthem.

Bells: Westminster Chimes, tolls the hour.