Coleman Keynote Address Donations

The Coleman Keynote Address is named in memory of COL Robert Stacy Coleman, USA. Stacy was a loyal alumnus and supporter of Marion Military Institute (MMI). He was a 1981 high school and 1983 junior college graduate of MMI. While a cadet, he received numerous honors and held many leadership positions to include Battalion Commander.

Stacy lost his life at an early age in 2007. What he was able to accomplish over this short life was remarkable. One could only aspire to his degree of faith and sense of duty to his family and his country. In 2006, one year before he passed away, Stacy was instrumental in creating and helping establish the John Hunt Morgan (JHM) Leadership Endowment.

The Endowment provides scholarships to current MMI cadets and recognizes one cadet each year for outstanding leadership with the JHM Leadership Award. Stacy believed this was a way to give back and help the school that meant so much to him. The MMI Family is honored to recognize a great friend and role model, COL Robert “Stacy” Coleman, USA, with the Coleman Keynote Address.