Commandant’s Staff

The Office of the Commandant

COL Ed Passmore, USA (Ret)
VP for Student Affairs, Commandant of Cadets & Director of
Center for Leadership & Career Development
334-683-2321- Office
1-800-203-0086 – Toll Free
334-683-2323 – Fax

LTC Darrell Martin, USA (Ret)
Deputy VP of Student Affairs & Deputy Commandant of Cadets

LTC John Raczkowski, USAF (Ret) 
Deputy Director, Center for Leadership & Career Development

Mrs. Doris K. Colburn
Department Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Rebecca Watford
Assistant Commandant for Operations & Administration


TAC Officers

SFC Kent James, USA (Ret)
Charlie Company

1SG Michael Dunfee, USA (Ret)
Battalion & Alpha Company

1SG Michael Magnus, USA (Ret)
Band & Bravo Company

1SG David Mennig, USA (Ret)
Delta Company

CPO Dave Drake, USCG
Echo Company


Student Services

Mrs. Cindy Meisenheimer 
Director of Auxiliary Services

Mrs. Rene’ Sumlin, Registered Nurse
Director of Cadet Health Services

Mrs. Sydney James
Intramural Sport & Outdoor Recreation Coordinator

Ms. Fanninet Suttles
Fitness Facility Supervisor


Campus Security

During Business Hours: 334-683-2330
Evenings/Weekends: 334-292-9690

MSG Dudley Barton, USA (Ret)
Chief of Security

Mrs. Christine Jackson
Weekday, Evening: Barracks Supervisor
(334) 683-2325

1SG Matthew Stewart
Weekday, Night: Officer-in-Charge

Ed Miree
Weekend, Day: Officer-in-Charge

SGT John Lapsley, USA (REt)

James Richards
Security Officer

Nash Gipson
Security Officer

Willie Walton
Security Officer

Roy Fikes
Security Officer

Wendell Crews
Security Officer





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  • Please input a primary phone number that is active and correct. Cadets, do not enter your own number in this field.