COVID-19 Update 3/18 from MMI Admin

UPDATE 3.18.20: MMI continues to be in consultation with the Alabama Community College System and is following the guidance of the Alabama Department of Public Health regarding the COVID-19 public health crisis.  In response to COVID-19 health concerns, online instruction for all MMI classes will begin Monday, March 23.  Although MMI is tentatively planning to have cadets report back to campus no earlier than Sunday, April 5, and no later than Sunday, April 12, we are now in consultation with ACCS for the possibility of continuing on-line instruction through the end of the semester.  If we decide to do this, it will be a decision we will make soon and we will ensure that our cadets, parents and families are notified immediately.  We will follow up this notification with guidance for dealing with personal items and uniforms that are currently stored in the cadets' barracks rooms, and how we will handle graduation related requirements and activities as soon as we finalize our plan.  Cadets will be notified by a variety of means to include student email, text, and direct contact from TAC Officers, Coaches or Program Sponsors.  We ask that our cadets, parents and families continue to patient, and be prepared to be flexible while we work together to navigate these uncharted waters.