Donor Recognition: A Celebration of Giving

Each year the MMI Foundation honors its most generous donors during the Donor Recognition Ceremony.  Members of the Order of the Crest (cumulative giving of $500,000+), President’s Circle (cumulative giving of $10,000+), JT Murfee Legacy Society (planned giving), and MMI Foundation scholarship donors and representatives are recognized with a ceremony and formal parade.

As you review the donor recognition lists below, please let  Executive Director Suzanne McKee know if there has been an omission of your name or that of someone you know. Donations are totaled through year-end, as of Dec. 31, 2020. 


The Order of the Crest

Lifetime membership in the Order of the Crest recognizes those donors who have made cumulative contributions of $500,000 and above.  Formal inductions take place each year for new members or new levels.

The Three Star Crest

$3,000,000 or more

Great Southern Wood

James W. Rane

The Two Star Crest

$2,000,000 – $2,999,999

Eleanor Frances Cheney

William H. Cheney †

John and Margaret McCarty Foundation, Inc.

The One Star Crest

$1,000,000 – $1,999,999

William R. and Faye Ireland, Sr. †

The Crest

$500,000 – $999,999

The Daniel Foundation of Alabama

James W. and Deborah C. Davidson

The Alfred I. duPont Foundation, Inc.

Shivers† and Nancy McCollum, Jr.

Charles Finley and Martha Kay McRae, Sr.

Sherwood C. and Sandra Middlebrooks III

Rex Lumber

Estate of Minnie L. Snow

Taylor D. and Judy Wilkins, Jr.


The President’s Circle

Lifetime membership in The President’s Circle recognizes those donors who have made cumulative contributions of $10,000 and above.

The Corps of Cadets Society

$250,000 – $499,999

Alabama Power Foundation

Elliott H. Griffith †

Joel R.† and Elizabeth E. Hillhouse

Charles A. and Jenny Holmes

John L. Hunter Jr.

Marion Bank & Trust Company

MMI Alumni Brigade

The John G. Monteabaro Foundation

Woody S. Moore †

Lawrence C. Radford †

Lucius Rayfield

William H. † and Nancy R. Ritchie

The Chapel Society

$100,000 – $249,999

Ala-Tom RC&D Council, Inc.

ALFA Foundation

David W. and Vivian Bauer

Susie Geneva Blackburn

Buford L. Bowen †

Dixon and Dell Brooke, Jr.

Alva C. Caine Sr.

Edward M. Chadbourne III

The Chadbourne Foundation, Inc.

Boyd E.† and Sara Christenberry

James D. Duvall III

EBSCO Industries, Inc.

ExxonMobil Foundation

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Ernest Adams and Carol S. Fite

Robert B. and Susan Geddie Jr.

Walter H. and Jan† Givhan

Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation

Marnix E. and Mary Heersink

The Marnix & Mary Heersink Charitable Foundation

Estate of Claudia S. Hendrick

Gary † and Beverly A. Hollister

John Hancock Life Insurance Company

Lanier Family Foundation Trust

Joseph P. Martin †

Vince and Frances B. McAleer, Jr.

Carolyn S. McCormick †

Dean and Dee Mooty, Jr.

Stewart C.† and Evelyn C. Nichols

Edward Allan and Shan C. O’Neal, Jr.

Stuart B. and Veronica Parker

William B. Philips, Jr

William A. and Sue M.† Pogue

Erle R. and Ginger Richardson, Jr.

Paul M. and Jeanne M. Robinson

Josephine Laurine Shuman

John & Josephine Shuman Fund of the Farallon Foundation

Julian H. and Donna Dearman Smith, Jr.

Robert Thornton† and Rosalie Smith

Tyre Webb Stuckey

US Department of Education

Michael B. Walters

Estate of Sadie Lou Walters

Stanley H. Walters

Lynn M. Wilkins

The Francis C. Marion Patriots Society

$50,000 – $99,999

Dudley B. and Lisa Anderson

Atlanta Belting Company, Inc.

Eugene and Charlotte Brown

Vandiver H. and Marian Carter

Theodore P Costas, Jr.

Roy J. and Beverly Crawford

Dallas Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc.

William Richard and Mary Helene Delaney, Sr.

Myrtle Ford†

Jessie Given†

Samuel P. and Lynne Givhan

Mary Elizabeth Glass

Lucille Granade

The Hackney Foundation

Thomas Morris and Brenda Hackney

The Hall Foundation

Charles W. and Ellen Hallman

Fred E. and Kirby Hallman

Corin and Diane Harrison, Jr.

Curtis B. and Mary Lou H. Herbert, Jr.

Peter D.† and Patsy W. Hidalgo

Robert Johnson Howard

James Michael and Corky Hutchison, Sr.

Charles Ray and Gene Ingram

Jack Ingram Motors, Inc.

Walter W.† and Ruth Kastenmayer

Ernest D.† and Teresa Key, Jr.

Manulife Financial

Jack O. and Muriel McCutchen

James C. and Cynthia Patterson, Jr.

Norman D. and Belinda Pitman III

Southtrust Corporation

Alton B. and Liz Sturtevant

The Thompson Foundation

USAA Giving Fund

Wachovia Corporation

Rudy Joseph and Jackie Wadle

Wadsworth Golf Charities Foundation

John Ronney and Leslie Watson

Xango, LLC

The Founders Society

$25,000 – $49,999

Walter R. Adkins †

Alabama Marine Corps League, Inc.

David C. and Karen M. Anderson †

BAE Systems

Edward S. and Barbara T. Beason

Donald and Nelle C. Bixler †

Bunyan Dee Broadwater II

Harry B. & Jane H. Brock Foundation

The James Graham Brown Foundation

William S. and Dorothy M. Burton, Sr.

Alan F. † and Caroline L. Clark

Wynne and Dianne Coleman III

George Lawrence and Laura Crawford

Burton King and Stacey Standeffer Curry

Randall Kent Davis Sr.

Scott Gregory Davis †

Andrew J. and Mary Love Dearman III

Richard M. Dorsey

Sanford Patrick and Rebecca England, Jr.

Walter C. Givhan†

Golding Foundation

Steve D. and Melody Golding

Michael Blakeley and Margaret Gratz, Sr.

Heidi R. Hanna

Guy L. and Frances L. Hecker, Jr.

Warner and Susanne Hibbard

Frank James and Agatha L Hill

Robert Michael and Janice† Hill

Alfred and Dorothy C. Jones†

Richard A. and Judy Keller


Hunter Lewis

Edward and Emeline Loughlin

Marathon Corporation

John W. Martin, Jr.

Thomas E. Martin

William E.† and Wahweice Coe Matthews IV

Raymond and Susan H. McClinton Jr.

Eugene W. and Kathleen C. McCollum

Offa Shivers and June McCollum III

Jerry L. and Lisa McMahan

John T. McShan, Jr.

David J. and Ingrid Mollahan

Estate of Lillian Moore

Daniel P. and Ashley Moran

The NRA Foundation

Greg and Kathleen Rane

James L. and Diane Richardson

William Lonnie Russell

Percy Dayton and Kathryn B. Sadler

Scott Davis Timber Co., Inc.

The Estate of Owen Scott

James L. Scruggs, Jr. †

Charles W. Seignious Jr. †

W. Samuel and Susan G. Stevenson

C. E. Suttles †

James J. Thomasson, Jr.

Hall W. Thompson †

William Trent and Perren Tonsmeire

Larry and Carole Warnick

Max P. Watson

The 1842 Society

$10,000 – $24,999

William M.† and Martha Acker, Jr.

Steven and Melanie Merkle Atha

Richard M. and Mary Katharine Avery, Jr.

John C. and Margaret M. Bahnsen, Jr.

John Roy and Susanna R. Barnes

Roy A. and Inez † Barnett

H. Baroco Foundation Inc.

Julie M. Baroco

Jerry Matthew and Kim Battles

Bellsouth Corporation

Kemal and Janie Benouis

James H. and Mary Benson

Joe D. and Ann W. Berry

Sean B. Bohannon

Terrell D. and Marilyn W. Bridges, Sr.

Robert O. Breitling †

Jeffrey A. and Joanne Brown


Samuel D. and Nancy Y. Carter

Caterpillar Foundation

Central Carolina Community Foundation

John Christakos †

George and Elaine Clark

Allen E. Cleghorn

Coca-Cola Foundation

Richard H.† and Irene Collins

Bryan W. and Maxine Compton

Paul and Dana Compton, Jr.

William C.† and Cathy Cook

Copestone, Inc.

William F. and Susan Cosby, Jr.

Robert B. Couch

Lester Dennis and Nancy Craig Jr.

John H. and Ellen Daniels III

Nathaniel J. Davis, Jr. †

H. Corbin Day

Ira † and Ruth P. DeMent

Richard W. and Nan Dowling, Jr.

Evan E. and Caroline Filby

William Knox Fitzpatrick, Jr.†

Robert F. and Julie Foley

Robert H. and Barbara Fuller

John K.† and Anna Gibler

John T. Glisson

William Britt and Donna M. Goodson, Jr.

James P. and Barbara Ruth Googe, Jr.

Miller Gorrie

Donald Ross Grady

Logan B. and Sandra Gray

Chris Bennert Green

William and Vicky Gregory III

Griffin Wood Company

Eugene P. and Martha Griffith, Jr.

June L. Grube †

Russell Stevenson and Judy Hager

Daniel M. and Sharon G. Hartzog III

Estate of Robert J. Heacock

John M. and Bernice W. Hightower †

Eloise Holifield †

Elam P. and Sandra Holley, Jr.

Holmestead Company

Alan J. and Brenda V. Hosier

Lawrence C. and Janice Houck

Robert H. Hurt †

David P. and Michelle V. Ivey

Jemison Investment Company

Sam P. and Liz Johnson

Benjamin F. and Camie Salter Jones

Franck F. and Patricia H. LaBiche

Sam E. and Connie Lawrence III

Dudley and O’Neal Lawson, Jr.

Carlos G. and Wanda Lewis

Lockheed Martin Matching Gift Program

Duncan J. Massicot

Joseph William and Melinda Mathews, Jr.

Raymond and Susan H. McClinton, Jr.

N. Carolyn McCollum

Joseph C. and Betty McCorquodale, Jr. †

Robert J. and E. Suzanne McKee

Harry C.† and Gwen C. Mickleboro, Jr.

Monty and Mary Kay Monteith III

Charles N. Moore †

Mooty and Associates, P. C.

The Estate of John L. Morrison

The Estate of Margaret Porter Murfee

Edwin and Susan N. Passmore

John N. and Shawn Dee Patronis III

Royal Leigh and Martha Pegues †

Dorothy A. Poston

Scott T. and Ann Price

Tyler Wayne and Teri Prim, Jr.

James W. and Mandy Rane, Jr.

Stanley James and Linda Rodimon

William Hughes and Carolyn Satterfield, Sr.

James S. and Andrea Kaiser Shilston III

Lewis Albert † and Shirley Shirley III

Ronald L. Shuff

Clyde W. † and Mary Spence, Jr.

Curtis and Limanman Armstrong Strange

Deborra Long Street

James F. Suttle III †

James H. Suttles

Will Hill Tankersley †

Thomas L. and Virginia Tate

Charles D. Thomas †

Tractor and Equipment Company

Lucille P. Tutwiler

Paul S. and Lisa Underwood

Reginald I. † and Mary Eleanor Vachon

Dominic A. Versaggi †

Weatherford Printing

John R. Webb

Robert C. Webb †

Stanley H. and Gerri Richardson Webb

Wells Fargo

Justus Perkins and Jennifer White, Jr.

Arthur F.† and Stella Wilkerson III

Howard C. Wilkinson †

Robert George Williams

Jeffrey L. and Faye Wishik

Martha Binion England Yarbrough †

William Rex and Martha Zeanah


† Deceased



The James Thomas Murfee Legacy Society

Membership in the James Thomas Murfee Legacy Society recognizes those donors who have made provisions for the MMI Foundation in their estate plans.  Such provisions may be in the form of bequests, trusts, annuities, life insurance policies or other means.

Wayne Thomas and Shirley Adams

Walter R. Adkins†

George B. Alexander†

Harrison Clarke Allison†

John C. and Margaret M. Bahnsen, Jr.

Susie Geneva Blackburn

Buford L. Bowen†

James E. and Catherine† Brady, Jr.

Robert O. Breitling†

Michael Zinn and Rosy Brenan

Jeffrey A. and Joanne Brown

Alva C. Caine, Sr.

Eric O. and Anne Cates III

Boyd E.† and Sara Christenberry

George and Elaine Clark

Roy J. and Beverly Crawford

Burton King and Stacey Standifer Curry

Jeane Davis†

Jim D. Duvall III

Paul Allen and Ellie Tutwiler Fox

Robert H. and Barbara Fuller

Robert B. and Susan Geddie, Jr.

Steve D. and Melody Golding

Elliott H. Griffith†

June L. Grube†

Thomas Morris and Brenda Hackney

Cecil Stanford and Frankie Harrell

James and Claudia Hendrick†

John M. and Bernice W. Hightower†

Joel R.† and Elizabeth E. Hillhouse

Eloise Holifield†

John L. and Zoe Hunter, Jr.

Robert H. Hurt†

William R. and Faye Ireland, Sr.†

Kenneth W. and Pamela Ann Johnson

Alfred and Dorothy C. Jones†

Hurley W. and Sarah Jane Knott

Samuel P.† and Clarinda R. Marshall

Joseph P. Martin†

Joseph William and Melinda Mathews, Jr.

Carolyn S. McCormick†

John W. McCoy

Ashley Brian and Cynthia Audrey Miller

David J. and Ingrid Mollahan

Woody S. Moore†

Daniel P. and Ashley Moran

Stewart C.† and Evelyn C. Nichols

Joseph Alan Nolin, Sr.†

Nells A. Parsons†

Kenneth J. Peters

William A. and Sue M.† Pogue

Lawrence C. Radford†

Kenneth L. Robinson

Percy Dayton and Kathryn B. Sadler

Charles W. Seignious, Jr.†

Joseph and Lucille Severance, Jr.†

Hoke Sisk†

Minnie Lee Snow†

Martha Suttles†

Will Hill Tankersley†

Sadie Lou Walters†

Lynn M. Wilkins

William Rex and Martha Zeanah