E-mail Protocol Checklist

Before you press, “Send,” review your work for the following:

  • Does this e-mail message make sense? Are the actions clear and do they have “owners?”
  • Does the e-mail message meet the P.A.S.S test?
    • What is the Purpose of this communication?
    • What Action is involved and does it have a due date?
    • What Supporting information does the recipient need?
    • Has the communication been effectively summarized in the Subject line?
  • Is the message well written? Is it concise while providing enough data for appropriate action(s) or decision(s)?
  • Do the links in the message work? Are necessary supporting attachments included?
  • Is the e-mail message addressed to the most appropriate recipients (not too many and not too few) to accomplish specified or implied goals/objectives?
  • Does everyone on the “To” line have an action to take?
  • Has the message been reviewed for correct grammar, spelling, and use of jargon?