ECP Scholarships

Ike Skelton Army ROTC Scholarship Requirements / Benefits

For Questions Regarding Scholarship Processing, Please Contact Mrs. Qiana Turner, MMI ROTC Dept., 334-683-2310, 800-664-7682, or


Educational Assistance Program Requirements / Benefits

After a cadet graduates and commissions from MMI, the new lieutenant will attend a four-year Army ROTC affiliated university. The lieutenant must earn a baccalaureate degree within 36 months, during this time they are assigned to Human Resources Command (HRC) in Ft. Knox, Kentucky.

Just prior to graduation/commissioning from MMI, the cadet has the option to select the Educational Assistance Program. This program is financial assistance designed to cover tuition and fees OR room and board costs up to $10,000/year for up to two years. The program will incur a one-year Active Duty Service Obligation (ADSO) for each year/partial year of benefits used while obtaining a baccalaureate degree. The Army ROTC Department at the follow-on institution the lieutenant attends will initiate the paperwork (DA Form 597-4) and place the contract in Military Personnel Readiness Jacket (MPRJ).

Headquarters Cadet Command (HQCC) tracks lieutenants reporting to 4-year schools and holds branching boards prior to their graduation. If there is a breach of contract HQCC will recoup monies provided per the cadet contract (CC Reg. 145-9, Ch 5 for more details).


Lieutenant responsibilities:- Maintain a GPA at 2.0 or above (semester & cumulative)

–  Maintain fitness and other basic soldier requirements and PASS the APFT every semester.
–  Must complete the degree within 36 months
–  Request PMS at the 4-year school to re-offer EAP (if not previously accepted)
–  Meet with PMS once a semester
–  Non-deployable until after baccalaureate degree and Basic Officer Leadership Course Part B (BOLC-B) completion
–  Join either an ARNG or USAR unit if available (lieutenant falls under Reserve Command (RC))
–  Work with ROTC cadre if RC unit not available


Breach of contract occurs after one of the following:

–  GPA falls below 2.0 (semester or cumulative)
–  Doesn’t graduate within 36 months
–  Fails to maintain fitness or other basic soldier requirements (drug test, etc…)

Failure to graduate within 36 months could result in commission revocation & MJC scholarship recoupment.

Note: Lieutenant needs to ensure this form is completed and mailed in a timely manner to get paid during the first semester. The lieutenant must remain a full time student until graduation, and must not attend a Basic Officer Leader’s Course (BOLC) early.


Scholarship Obligations

If selected as an ROTC scholarship at Marion Military Institute, the recipient must:

A.  Enlist in a reserve component of the Army for a period of eight years as prescribed by the Secretary of the Army.

B.  A contract, with the consent of your parent or guardian if you are a minor (17 years old), with the Secretary of the Army to serve for the period required by the program.

C.  Agree in writing that you will accept an appointment, if offered, as a commissioned officer in the Army Reserve or the Army National Guard of the United States; and that you will serve in such reserve component for not less than eight years, as required by Section 2107, Title 10, U.S. Code.

D.  Become a member of the Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP), which permits simultaneous membership in both the Senior ROTC program and US Army Reserve/Army National Guard.

E.  Transfer to a four-year baccalaureate degree granting institution, which offers Army ROTC for the completion of your baccalaureate degree upon completion of the MJC, and receiving a commission in the U.S. Army.  You will be given a delay from entry on Active Duty or Active Duty for Training of up to 36 months to complete your degree requirements.  If you fail to complete your baccalaureate degree in the allocated timeframe, you will be in breach of your scholarship contract and subject to call to active duty or monetary recoupment.  During your delay, the PMS at the 4-year school will exercise administrative control over you and monitor your physical fitness, maintenance of weight standard, personal conduct and academic progress. Cadets who fail to abide by the terms of their scholarship contract, or who complete the course and decline to accept a commission, if offered, may be ordered to active duty by The Secretary of the Army to serve in an enlisted grade for such period of time as The Secretary of the Army may prescribe, but not more than 4 years.  All scholarship cadets incur a payback obligation for educational expenses paid by the Army in the event they fail to complete their obligated tour of duty.

F.  Pass the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) with a score of 60 points in each event for a total score of 180 or higher before fully qualifying for the scholarship and payment of benefits. If attending Leader’s Training Course (LTC), this must be accomplished at this course.