ECP Scholarships

Ike Skelton Army ROTC Scholarship Requirements / Benefits

For questions regarding scholarship processing, contact Mr. David Stilwell: 334-683-2332 (office), 334-715-1140 (cell)


Educational Assistance Program Requirements / Benefits

After a cadet graduates and commissions from Marion Military Institute, the new 2nd Lieutenant will attend a four-year Army ROTC affiliated college or university. The Lieutenant must earn a baccalaureate degree within 36 months, during this time they are assigned to Human Resources Command at Ft. Knox, Kentucky. They will continue to monthly assembly meetings with the Army Reserve or Army National Guard.

Just prior to graduation/commissioning from MMI, the cadet has the option to select the Educational Assistance Program. This program is financial assistance designed to cover tuition and fees OR room and board costs up to $10,000/year for up to two years; it parallels the ROTC scholarship, without having to attend ROTC classes for their Junior and Senior year of instruction.  The program will incur a one-year service obligation for each year/partial year of benefits used while obtaining a baccalaureate degree. The Army ROTC Department at the follow-on institution will initiate documentation for the benefit.

Headquarters Cadet Command tracks lieutenants reporting to 4-year schools and holds branching boards prior to their graduation.