enrollment growth

In terms of enrollment growth over the past year, Marion Military Institute (MMI) has surpassed every 2-yr and 4-yr college in the state. The MMI student body grew *9.7% from 2012 to 2013. As a comparison, the University of Alabama’s growth over the past year was 4%; Auburn University fell by -1.1; and nearby Shelton State was at -2.1%.

“We are very excited about the dramatic increase in this year’s enrollment,” noted Mrs. Brittany Crawford, MMI Director of Admissions. “Recruitment and retention is a campus-wide effort, from our financial aid office to our faculty, right down to cadet life. I believe a new enrollment strategy played a large part in our success. We have redefined search criteria based on SAT and ACT scores and have also revamped our communication efforts to reach potential cadets.”   

*Source: Alabama Commission on Higher Education.