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What can I do with a Major in….?

While some majors are very specific to a certain occupation, others will equip you with skills that can transferred into many different career paths. The key is identifying your interests and career goals, and finding a major that will satisfy both.

Resources for Choosing Majors and Careers

Focus 2 Assessment – This assessment will help you identify your career interests and corresponding majors. Make an appointment with the career center to take this test. You will need to use the following access code to register: mmi1842

My Plan – This website has a wealth of information about different majors and what you can do with them

Onet- This site will help you research and identify occupations.

My Next Move-  Search Careers by industry.

Salaries by Career –  Access real salary data on current jobs.

What does a job in …. look like?
The Occupational Outlook Handbook, takes a specific look at occupations. Learn more about expected salary and education requirements.

Career and Internship Search Tools

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Zip Recruiter

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