Extreme Military Challenge participants learn from summer training experience on campus

Since July 6, MMI has hosted the Extreme Military Challenge on its historic college campus. Operated by COL Joseph Land, Sr. of Liberty Communications, LLC, the summer camp introduces youth ages 13-18 to a military lifestyle. Upon arrival, XMC "recruits" were given their short haircuts and issued uniforms and gear. Vigorous physical activity is part of the daily schedule. In the orientation phase, campers learn soldierization skills, including the Army Core Values, military customs and courtesies, along with drill and ceremony.  Activities for campers include obstacle courses, rappelling, marksmanship, weapons assembly, the basics of land navigation and problem solving on the leadership reaction course. A final academic and physical fitness test marks the completion of the course.

Several of MMI's most recent graduates, 2LTs Coleman, Lawrence and Salmons, are serving as cadre for XMC. Learn more about the different courses on their website.