Falcon Scholar continues family USAF tradition

Freshman Mark Gabreski, currently a Falcon Scholar in MMI's Service Academy Program, is hoping to attend the U.S. Air Force Academy next year to continue his family's deeply-rooted Air Force tradition. His grandfather, Col. Francis “Gabby” Gabreski was one of America’s greatest WWII and Korean War Aces in the Army Air Corps/ Air Force, recording 37 1/2 kills as a fighter pilot.

Mark's mother, Lt.Gen. Terry Gabreski, USAF (retired), was on campus representing the Falcon Foundation with Lt. Gen. Jay Kelley on September 5. In the MMI Board Room, she presented her son with a U.S. Air Force Academy pin and a scholarship in honor of his paternal grandfather. Lt. Gen. Gabreski is the daughter of retired Air Force Brigadier General Alonzo Walter and is the second woman in the Air Force to hold the rank of lieutenant general.

Mark's father is Col. Donald Gabreski, USAF (retired), also a pilot & former commander of the 80th fighter squadron.