Make a Plan



Schedule a meeting at the Career Center to discuss your goals
Take the FOCUS2 assessment to discover your career interests and the corresponding majors
 Conduct an informational interviews to learn more about your prospective career paths
 Research majors that support your career interests
 Search for schools that offer your preferred major


 Use our MMI alumni network and other platforms to shadow professionals in your area of interest
 Build your resume by seeking volunteer and internship opportunities during summer break
 Take note of any experience you have gained for future use in your resume
 Go visit schools over the break



 Activate your network by making connections
 Attend career fairs
 Register with MMI Alumni Connect
 Secure a summer internship
 Apply to your school of choice
 Research the financial aid options
 Begin applying for scholarships



 Select your transfer school of choice
 Research pre-requisites for your program of choice at your next school and consider a summer semester if needed
 Begin investigating ways to stay engaged at your next school
 Consider joining a professional network related to your major
 Register for classes that will set you up for success