MMI Plans for Fall 2020 On-Campus Instruction

A message from MMI President COL David J. Mollahan, USMC (Ret) about our evolving academic schedule and campus environment:

June 2, 2020

To our entire MMI Community; incoming students, returning cadets, parents & families, alumni, employees and our community partners:

We began planning for the Fall 2020 semester in late March and have continued to refine our planning through April and May.  Having just closed out our academic year with virtual end- of-year ceremonies, our entire focus has shifted back to the Fall 2020 semester.  As of today, we are preparing to conduct instruction ON-CAMPUS with all cadets in residence. Our top priority is creating a safe and healthy environment while delivering our cadets the extraordinary education we are known for.

To that end, the Fall 2020 semester will be conducted in a manner that reflects the reality of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  MMI will implement a wide range of risk mitigation measures intended to ensure that this campus is as safe as it can be made given the circumstances.  These measures will include things such as protocols for face-coverings, distancing, health screenings, isolation, quarantine, home recovery, medical response and support, and off-campus movement and activities.  These protocols are aimed at substantially reducing COVID transmission risk to both our campus community and our local community.   While some of these measures will make cadet life more restrictive than would normally be the case, at least initially, they won’t alter the quality of our on-campus education which will remain, by any measure, top-notch.   At the same time, however, as we progress through the semester we will continue to assess changing conditions to determine when restrictions may be relaxed.

The academic year is scheduled to start with college classes beginning August 17 and ending the week of Thanksgiving.  We will use a slightly condensed academic schedule to achieve this, which will save cadets one travel event as they will not be required to return to campus to complete the semester right after Thanksgiving, as would normally be the case.  Arrivals will be staggered in July and August, and MMI will inform each contingent on their specific report date along with detailed move-in procedures for their families.

As we have all been affected in numerous ways by the COVID-19 pandemic, we appreciate your continued understanding as MMI adapts while remaining committed to our high academic, leadership, and character development standards.  We will continue to produce Marion Made young leaders for our state and nation, and COVID-19 won’t stop that.  Determination, mutual respect, patience and flexibility will be the themes for the coming year.  If we all do our best, if we all do our part, if we all think about each other and protect each other, and if we all stay-the-course, this upcoming academic year will be one for the record books because of the challenges we will have overcome.