MMI SAP Policy

MMI SAP Policy: Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for Federal Student Financial Aid

 New Federal regulations that went into effect July 1, 2011, require that Marion Military Institute establish and implement a policy to measure whether cadets applying for and/or receiving federal aid are making satisfactory academic progress (SAP) toward a degree.  This regulation applies to all cadets applying for aid, whether financial aid has been previously received.

1. Period:  Cadets receiving financial aid are expected to maintain satisfactory academic progress toward completion of a degree within a reasonable period.   Satisfactory academic progress status will be determined at the end of each semester. The measure of satisfactory academic progress is based on the number of hours the cadets attempt at MMI and the grade point average (GPA) as indicated below.

2.  Grade Point Average:  Each cadet will be expected to meet or exceed the following GPA at the indicated points in his/her program of study:
Credit Hours Minimum Cumulative GPA
0-24 credit hours attempted at MMI minimum required cumulative GPA of 1.50
24-45 credit hours attempted at MMI minimum required cumulative GPA of 1.75
46+ credit hours attempted at MMI minimum required cumulative GPA of 2.0

3.  Completion Rate:  In order to maintain satisfactory academic progress toward the completion of a degree cadets must successfully complete a minimum of 67 percent of all credit hours attempted at MMI. Hours attempted include non-credit courses, dropped courses, withdrawals, and incomplete courses. This assessment begins when a cadet has attempted 12 credit hours at MMI.


Federal regulations require the Office of Financial Aid (OFA) to monitor the progress of each cadet toward degree completion.  Cadets who fail behind in their coursework, or fail to achieve minimum standards for grade point average and completion of classes, may lose their eligibility for all types of federal, state, and institutional and administered by the Financial Aid Office

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy in Summary:

Academic Standing— Qualitative

Cadets must achieve and maintain a cumulative 2.0 GPA on all MMI coursework.

Progress toward Degree Completion— Quantitative

Cadets must average passing 67% of all credits attempted in their specific academic program.  Credits accepted for transfer from other institutions will be counted both as attempted and completed hours.

Maximum Time Frame

Cadets cannot receive aid after they have attempted 150 percent of the credits required for completion of their academic’s program.  Credits accepted for transfer from other institutions will be counted both as attempt and completion hours.

The Evaluation Process


Frequency—at the end of each academic period

Attempted Credits- all grades of A, B, C, D, F IP, P, S, WP (withdrawn passing), WF (withdrawn failing), W (withdraw) and I(incomplete ) will be counted as credits attempted.  Audited classes will not be counted as attempted.

Completed Credits—all grades of A, B, C, D, P, S,

Transfer Credits- credits that are accepted by MMI for transfer will be counted both in attempted and completed credits.

SAP Warning

Cadets that do not achieve a cumulative GPA of 2.0 and the 67% completion rate will be placed on SAP Warning.  Cadets will be notified via e-mail at the end of the semester as soon as final grades are posted.  No action is required on behalf of the cadets.  Cadets will be eligible for one additional semester of financial aid after being placed on SAP warning.

SAP Probation

Cadets on SAP Warning that do not achieve a cumulative GPA OF 2.0 and the 67% completion rate will have to submit an appeal to be placed on SAP Probation.  Cadets on SAP probation are not eligible to receive financial aid and must appeal to have financial aid eligibility reinstated (See SAP Appeal Process).  If you have been placed on SAP Probation any financial aid awarded will be canceled.

Cadets that that have a successful appeal or if the appeal is approved their financial aid can be reinstated.  Cadets who appeal and are approved will also be required to jointly develop an academic plan and establish this plan at the beginning of the probationary term.

Your Rights to Appeal

A cadet placed on SAP Probation, may appeal to have financial aid reinstated, if:

Your record shows that you earned the required GPA or credit completion ratio to meet SAP standards during term.

·         Unusual circumstance interfered with your ability to meet SAP standards, including but not limited to:

·         Illness, accident, or injury experienced by you or family member under your care (ex. Spouse or dependent child).

·         Documentation required: physician’s statement, police report, or other documentation from a third-party professional; hospital billing statement.

·         Death of a family member or significant person in your life. Documentation required: a copy of the obituary or death certificate.

·         Divorce experience by you or parent.  Documentation required: attorney’s letter on law firm’s letterhead or copy of divorce decree.

·         Personal problems or issues with your spouse, family, roommate, or other significant person.

Documentation required: written statement from medical doctor, counselor, attorney, or another professional adviser.


Appeal Process

To appeal your financial aid suspension due to mitigating circumstances listed above or similar personal situations complete the Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal form and include the required documentation.  Appeal must include the following:

·         Why the student failed to make SAP

·         What has changed will allow cadets to make SAP at the next evaluation.

The completed form should be submitted to the Office of Financial Aid within 10 days of you being notified that you do not meet SAP.  After your appeal is received, you will be notified by e-mail within 15 business days on whether your appeal was approved or denied.

There is not a limit as to the number of times a cadet may appeal.

Reinstatement of Aid

If your appeal is approved, your financial aid will be reinstated, based on funds available at that time.  As a result, your original award(s) may be reduced or lost.  For that reason, your best interest is served by submitting an appeal as soon as you receive your SAP Probation notice.

Academic reinstatement by the MMI does not necessarily assure reinstatement of financial aid.

Conditions of Reinstatement

Decisions communicated to cadets will reflect any conditions imposed upon the cadet for continued eligibility.  The conditions will be outlined on the notification letter and require the cadet signature as an acknowledgement.  Conditions may include but not limited to :

Minimum GPA

No withdrawal or incompletes

Academic Plan developed by their academic dean.

All second and subsequent appeals require a written academic plan.

Subsequent Evaluation

Cadets that are in compliance with SAP standards at the end of an evaluation period will be removed from SAP Warning and SAP Probation statuses.  Cadets that are on academic plans covering more than one semester will be evaluated against the academic plan. A cadet who successfully follows an academic plan may continue to receive Title IV aid even though SAP standards are not met.

Regaining Financial Aid Eligibility

Cadets that are denied reinstated of financial aid eligibility may take MMI courses without the benefit of federal financial aid.  Once SAP requirements are met, the cadet will be eligible for financial aid.

Transfer Cadets

Cadets transferring from other institutions must have a cumulative 2.0 to be eligible for federal financial aid.  Cadets with less than a cumulative GPA of 2.0 will be placed on SAP Warning.

If a student makes SAP standards at the end of a probationary period, the cadet must jointly develop an academic plan with their academic dean.  The academic plan must ensure that the cadet will meet SAP standards at a point in time.

Failure to comply with conditions for reinstatement will result in the loss of financial aid eligibility.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form for Financial Aid