MMI Upgrades Electrical Grid

A generous donation by Dr. George Rapier, MMI Class of 1969, made the following major project possible: MMI has operated its own electrical grid distribution system that was designed and built decades ago and was no longer capable of handling the current demand, causing reliability and safety issues. MMI partnered with Alabama Power Company, Garner and Associates, PC of Montgomery, and Premier Contracting of Tuscaloosa to design and build a robust infrastructure, ensuring a reliable supply of electricity to meet the growing demands of the campus. The new system provides redundant power feeds from multiple directions, reducing power outages, while new modern transformers provide more stable power. Additionally, individual building metering was added that enables monitoring of energy consumption, allowing MMI to make informed decisions about energy usage. An added benefit was the removal of 50% of the power poles on campus and moving some lines underground, creating better overall aesthetics for the campus. MMI now has a more reliable, flexible, and sufficient electrical supply for the foreseeable future.