SAP Testimonials

SAP cadet testimonials 2021


I completed the Service Academy program in 2023 and received appointment to the Air Force Academy. Marion Military Institute provided excellent opportunities to me for growth as an individual and I highly recommend this Institute for anyone seeking appointment to a Service Academy. They offer help all throughout the year with your applications and you get a chance to be surrounded by like-minded individuals that are motivated and goal-driven. Great place with great people! 5/5

-Everette Carter Miller, MMI Class of 2023, USAFA Class of 2027


One year ago around this time, I visited MMI with my father after I had received declination letters from West Point and The Naval Academy. We sat down with LTC Bowen and he walked us through the reapplication process and the SAP program. After exploring all of my options, I knew my best shot to earn an appointment would be through MMI’s curriculum and LTC Bowen’s SAP program. Marion instills the core values and inculcates the basic military customs and courtesies necessary for a smooth transition to a Service Academy. As a non-sponsored Service Academy Program cadet, there is a lot of uncertainty and fear taking a leap of faith; however, the best bet you can make is betting on yourself.

-David Long, MMI Class of 2023, USNA Class of 2027


Being a non-sponsored service academy program student, I thought I was out of luck coming out of high school. I talked to LTC Bowen about my options, he was very flexible and honest about my situation and agreed on attending MMI for two years. Get some advice and get guidance from your teachers; they are super helpful! Not only that, the school offers its cadets opportunities like VFF Cert, EMT Cert, Private Pilot Licenses, etc. This is legit! Furthermore, we have a drill team, color guard, Swamp Fox, and many other organizations that add to your resume. These opportunities helped me reach my goals and opened up backup paths in case I wouldn’t make it into my academy. There are a lot of friends to be made, network around and you might just run into the son of someone with a high-ranking officer in the military. THAT IS COMMON HERE! Connections you make here go a long way! Work hard and you will come out of MMI better than you started!

-Logan Ginther, MMI Class of 2023, USMMA Class of 2027


My name is Cadet Marion Ray and I am currently a female, sponsored West Point student studying under the Service Academy Program at Marion Military Institute. I had actually known that I had wanted to come to Marion since about eighth grade, while I lived at West Point. My cousin had been a sponsored Association of Graduates West Pointer out of Marion and I loved hearing his stories and meeting his friends from back at prep school. Initially, I emailed my USMA Regional Commander and asked for prep school and it was the best decision I could have ever made! If you are not sure if the military is for you, or if you want to make a transition from civilian life to the Army, Marion is a great place to go! At the very least you can graduate in two years with an Associate’s Degree or get some of the best one on one teaching you will likely ever have! The culture is diverse and the staff is awesome!

-Marion Harper Ray, MMI Class of 2022, USMA Class of 2026