SAP Testimonials

SAP cadet testimonials 2021


“I am unable to truly put into words how much my time at Marion Military Institute molded me into the cadet I am today at the United States Air Force Academy. The Service Academy Program drives cadets to pursue their potential. Marion can get very demanding at times, but it is the faculty (who are rooting for your success every step of the way) that help get you on the right track to head to a service academy. Every day was a learning process at MMI. While painful at times, those days built me into the cadet I am today which ultimately helped me to stand firm when the going got rough here in Colorado. Possessing grit, determination, and passion for what you aspire to do will drive you to heights greater than you could ever imagine. I am proud to say I am Marion made and my roots will always be at Marion Military Institute.”

-Shelby Fletcher, SAP Class of 2016, USAFA Class of 2020

“I am in my second semester of West Point and almost finished with Plebe year (finally!). Much has changed since I last wrote you. Plebes now choose majors in the second semester and I have gone with Arabic and International Relations. My first semester went very well. Just recently my Sandhurst team won Brigade and Regiment competitions. I also recently visited Yale with West Point’s Department of Social Sciences and had the chance to eat dinner with an Iraqi refugee family and engage with General McChrystal. I am not emailing you to highlight my successes, but rather to highlight your leadership and guidance. Your guidance helped shape all the AOGs into outstanding cadets here at West Point. Thank you for everything.”

Chance Mathias, SAP class of 2015, USMA class of 2019

“I wanted to write to you to tell you how much I personally appreciated my year at Marion Military Institute. I feel that I learned more, experienced more, and appreciated things more in that one year than I have in my four years of high school. I felt that I lost myself my first semester and I was not sure what I was doing with myself or who I was; I lost confidence in myself to achieve things. MMI helped me regain all of this back and I feel much stronger than I ever did before. This may seem a bit cliche to you, but I really do feel like Marion made me a stronger person. MMI helped me realize that going to West Point and serving my country is what I need to do. I am very grateful for this.”

-Maggie Ehmann, SAP class of 2016, USMA class of 2020