Scuba Tigers

Marion Military Institute started the Scuba Tigers in 2012 by Dr. Sam Stevenson as a way to allow cadets to become Open-Water scuba certified. Scuba training requires 2 weekends (4 full days consisting of classroom lectures and pool training at MMI) followed by a weekend of check dives in Panama City, FL. Subsequent NITROX (oxygen mixtures above the normal 21 percent)​certification  is available at MMI for certified divers who want to experience more time in the water during each dive. Coupled with NITROX certification is additional training in spear fishing. This organization allows students to acquire their own gear as well as learn from some of the best instructors available. Birmingham-based Southern Skin Divers Supply conducts the certified training.

Cost – The approximate cost is $3,000, which includes full training for SDI open water certification, snorkel gear (mask, fins, snorkel, booties, and wetsuit), and scuba life support equipment (buoyancy compensator device (BCD), primary regulator, secondary regulator (octopus), dive computer, and weights.)

Travel Opportunities – The Scuba Tigers Club offers 4-5 scuba diving trips a year for cadets, each trip costs around $275-$400 per cadet and will include their lodging, transportation, dive boat fees, and tank rentals. The trips we offer in Florida and Alabama gulf include: freshwater spring dives, river drift dives, wreck dives, spearfishing dives, and environmental conservation dives.

SponsorsMMI faculty/staff Scuba sponsors are Dr. Sam Stevenson (Scuba Instructor), Mrs. Logan Logan and Captain Caleb Logan (both SDI Advanced divers).

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