State Agencies Representing Public Health & Safety Present at Cadet Career Day

Marion Military Institute (MMI) hosted a Cadet Career Day on Wednesday, April 15, with the theme of Public Health & Safety. Invited to tour the junior college campus, dine with executive staff and conduct career workshops were representatives from the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, Alabama Fire College, Alabama Emergency Management Agency, Jackson Hospital and Montgomery County Corrections Department.

The event kicked off with a general session in the historic MMI Chapel, where each presenter gave a summary of their organization’s employment opportunities.

First up on the program was Training Specialist Marty McElroy of the Alabama Fire College, an agency that is exploring training partnerships with MMI. McElroy recounted his venture into firefighting following his Marine Corps service. To an audience of rising college sophomores, the Tuscaloosa native then described some of the most memorable emergency calls of his 19 –year career.

“We never know what we’re going to see each day as first responders. It’s very rewarding to help people,” McElroy told cadets.

Traveling from his Clanton office, Mr. Greg Robinson of the Alabama Emergency Management Agency remarked that MMI’s strategic thinking skills and leadership curriculum would translate into positions at his agency, especially for staffers in the agency trained to make life-saving decisions during natural disasters. Robinson closed with advice given to him from a college professor: “Choose your career before your career chooses you.” 

To foster further dialogue, cadets were invited to attend breakout sessions in the career fields that interested them.

Speaking to a small group interested in the medical field, Ms. Linda Hill, RN Recruitment Director for Jackson Hospital in Montgomery, explained to cadets that nursing offers a diverse array of careers—both clinical and non-clinical. She urged her audience to take advantage of college tuition reimbursement programs in select nursing programs. Hill also shared her own experience as an E.R. nurse and answered inquiries into certifications ranging from nursing assistant to nurse practitioner.

State Trooper Reginald King, who covers West Alabama as a Public Information Officer, answered questions from several cadets interested in balancing law enforcement and National Guard careers. Corrections Department employees also noted the military-friendly job opportunities and college financial aid programs available through their organization.