Swamp Foxes


Swamp Foxes originated here at the Marion Military Institute in 1963.  This organization was named after the Revolutionary War hero Francis Marion, whose nick- name was “Swamp Fox.”  He was called this due to the daring exploits of his small and poorly equipped forces which harassed the Loyalists along the Peedee and the Santee rivers.

Goals of the Swamp Fox

  • Induct cadets of the highest character that exemplify army values, ranger work ethics and pursuit of excellence.
  • Build a team that cares about and pushes each other to become better all around leaders.
  • Learn small unit tactics, techniques and procedures (ex: air assaults, MOUT, rappelling, weapons and equipment familiarization) which becoming the subject matter expert in these areas.

Swamp Fox Creed

“I am a fox…A soldier and elite.  Committed to defending the United States of America, against all aggressors, both foreign and domestic.  I therefore shall endeavor to keep my body physically fit, that I may out- perform my enemy… To keep my mind alert, that I may out-think my enemy… To keep my spirit ready, that I might give my all, including my life, to defeat the enemies of this great nation.  And to keep my brotherhood strong, that should one be in need, I will go to his aid, should one be in battle, I will be his support.  We shall hold each other up, until the stars shall fall.”