Youth Complete Extreme Military Challenge Camp at MMI

Youth Complete XMC Camp at MMI

For the second summer in a row, MMI has had the opportunity to host Extreme Military Challenge (XMC) Camp, owned and operated by Liberty Communications, LLC. From June 28 through July 25, more than 120 teenagers from across the nation were on-site, immersed in a military environment to complete various sessions: Cadet Basic Training, U.S. Drill Academy (taught by a Sentinel of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier), Cadet SCUBA School, Cadet Field Leader Course, and Cadet Ranger School. Adding invaluable experience as part of the XMC cadre were MMI’s own 2LT Chris Carroll (class of 2015) and Cadet Jacobi Dial (rising sophomore & wrestler). Two XMC graduation ceremonies and a Challenger’s Feast were held on campus to mark the completion of programs.

XMC Commander Joseph M. Land, Sr. of Rockville, Md., was pleased to triple his 2015 enrollment compared to the 2014 beta testing group at MMI. Noting the success of this year’s larger program and the comprehensive campus facilities, he already boasts a 14% re-enrollment rate for summer 2016. He predicts 200+ campers next year and hopes that XMC Camp will continue to serve as a feeder program for MMI admissions. 

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