2LT Mike Janowski ’10 (USMA ’14) earns Ranger Tab after beating cancer

Congratulations to MMI 2010 Service Academy Program graduate MIKE JANOWSKI on earning his Ranger Tab on August 21. Incredibly, Janowski was battling cancer last fall. Part of the historic class of Rangers with 2 female graduates, Janowski was interviewed about fellow West Point graduate and Ranger buddy Shaye Haver, who took some weight off him during a ruck. 

Read his brother's moving TRIBUTE to his determination "56 Weeks in the Making." 

"I went to school with Shaye [Haver], and I knew she was a physical stud. But I was skeptical of whether or not she could handle it because this is my third time at a Ranger School," fellow Ranger candidate 2nd Lt. Michael Janowski said at a news conference.

"I was the 320 gunner [a grenade launcher], so I had a lot of weight on me, and I was struggling. And I stopped, and I asked at halfway point, ‘Hey, can anyone help take some of this weight?’ I got a lot of deer-in-the headlight looks, you know. A lot of people were like, ‘I can’t take anymore weight.’ Shaye [Haver] was the only one to volunteer to take that weight. She took the weight off me, and she carried it the last half of that road. Literally saved me. I probably wouldn't be sitting here right now if it wasn’t for Shaye. So, from that point, no more skepticism," Janowski said.

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