Bugle Calls Return

Cadets are attracted to MMI for many reasons: academics, our leadership programs, SAP and ECP, but a common theme among them is the pull of the rich tradition and history of the oldest military junior college in the United States. In fact, MMI is older than all the service academies except for West Point. Over the centuries music, and particularly bugle calls, have been a central part of the military tradition both at the academies and military posts and bases across the globe. Made possible by a generous gift from Jimmy Rane ‘64, we have been able to repair and improve the Hamilton Bell Tower (erected in 1991), which has allowed us to bring this tradition of the day being framed by bugle calls to campus. In addition to the normal Westminster Chimes tolling the hours on the weekend, cadets now also can mark their day with the following bugle calls: Mess Call, School Call, Assembly, Recall, Call to Quarters, and Call to Church. Reveille, Retreat & To the Colors continue to be played over the PA system from the Guard House. Evening Tattoo & Taps are played by companies within each barracks. After a decade of silence, the Bell Tower has become once again a central part of the cadet’s life on campus and a grand military tradition is re-established!