Leadership Training Complex

The Leadership Training Complex (LTC) at Marion Military Institute is a multi-activity complex designed to strengthen the intellectual, physical and leadership development of the corps of cadets. The LTC consists of an Obstacle Course and a Leadership Reaction Course. The cadets train on both courses to sharpen their communication and problem solving skills as well as learn to function as part of a team. Successful completion of the tasks in each course requires teamwork and mental and physical exertion, and may push the group and/or individuals beyond their previously known limits. Both the LRC and Obstacle Course are utilized by the entire Corps through each of our three program tracks as well as team building platforms for clubs and our own Obstacle Course Racing Team.


The Leadership Reaction Course (LRC) is an outdoor laboratory which provides cadets experience in functional leadership, effective followership, group and individual critical thinking skills, and several aspects of group dynamics, including: conflict recognition and resolution, personal and group responsibility and communication with familiar and unfamiliar team members. MMI’s course has 8 elements which requires a 6 to 8-person group to accomplish a task in a limited amount of time. The course provides motivation, sense of accomplishment, and positive reinforcement of effective teamwork.


The Obstacle Course at MMI is designed after traditional military obstacle courses and challenges the cadets both physically and mentally. It consists of 14 elements cadets must navigate while being timed. Each element presents its own set of difficulties testing the individual’s strength, stamina and inner drive. As with the LRC, the Obstacle Course provides the cadets with a sense of accomplishment and confidence that they can achieve goals beyond what was previously thought.