COVID-19 Impact on Campus

8.12.21  View MMI’s Fall 2021 COVID-19 Mitigation Measures 

8.5.21   Commandant’s School Start Update

With the outbreak of the COVID Delta Variant and responding to Federal and State guidelines, MMI will implement prudent COVID Mitigation measures during the first few weeks of the Fall Semester.


Masking.  MMI will require all persons (cadets, faculty, staff, parents/family and visitors) to wear masks while indoors on campus (vaccinated or unvaccinated).  The only exception to this requirement will be while actively eating or drinking in the QM or Dining Facility.  No masks will be required while outside.  This is a prudent measure based upon the most recent CDC and State guidance.  PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN MASK; cadets will be issued masks at in-processing.

Passive Temperature Checks.  Thermal cameras are placed around campus.  If the camera detects an individual with a high temperature, they will be checked again by a staff member.  Should that individual be running a temperature, they will be required to immediately depart campus.

Visiting Campus.  In order to reduce congestion on campus, Parents/Family members are asked to depart campus at the conclusion of the 1:15pm formation on the day your cadet registers.  Parents/Family members are cordially invited to return to campus for Cresting and the Cresting Parade to be held on Friday, 3 September at 1:30pm.  Cadets will be released for the weekend upon conclusion of the Cresting parade and do not have to return until Monday at 6pm.  Emergency visits should be coordinated through your cadet’s TAC Officer.

Vaccinations.  It is clear that to achieve herd immunity and establish a safe “bubble” on campus, we will need to reach a goal of 85% vaccination rate in the MMI Community (faculty, staff and cadets).  We will be asking cadets to provide their vaccination status to the Cadet Health Clinic as part of their medical record, however this data will only be used in the aggregate to monitor overall vaccination status.  There is no requirement to report status or get vaccinated, but we highly encourage all of the MMI Community to do their part in combatting this epidemic.

Parking.  Please follow signs to Event Parking.  Directional signs will take you to the Ireland Center where the majority of in-processing will take place.  Parents and Families will be able to assist their cadet to move into the barracks.  Please return your car to Event Parking once moved in to keep the area around the barracks clear for other families and emergency vehicles.

Business Office.  All cadets must clear the business office prior to completing in-processing.  If there is a balance owed, cadets will be directed to the business office to settle their account, then can resume in-processing.

5.6.21   President’s Year-End Update

To our MMI families,

I know you are as excited for the end of the Academic Year and the upcoming ceremonies as we are. As I said to the entire Corps of Cadets recently, although this has been a very challenging year, it has also been a very special year, and this year’s Corps of Cadets has been a very special Corps for having persevered through it all. We are all very proud of them!

For all those who will be attending our upcoming ceremonies, I wanted to let you know that we have relaxed our mask-wearing requirement when outdoors anywhere on campus. Mask wearing is still required for all indoor activities, including our end-of-year ceremonies, all of which will be indoors. We plan to allow for some spacing in seating, and I encourage you to help us with this, but in the interest of providing the safest environment possible for all attendees at these events, we ask everyone to honor our indoor masking requirement.

When you arrive at the venue for the respective ceremony, we will provide you a commemorative mask that you are welcome to wear during the ceremony.  Also, I did want to let you know that cadets will be allowed to remove their masks when they are introduced and are being recognized individually in order to provide for the best possible photo opportunities.

Regarding the venues for each ceremony, we have made two changes since my last note. First, our Commencement will be held in the Ireland Athletic Center. Second, the Commissioning Ceremony will be held in the Chapel.

Additionally, the QM (Student Center) will be open to cadets and families before and after these ceremonies. The bookstore will be open only to pick up online purchases – please visit our new virtual store on our webpage.

We look forward to having many of you back on campus and having you share with us the official end of a very difficult, unique, yet very successful Academic Year.

Spring 2021 Ceremonies:

May 6th — SAP Convocation will be held at 4 PM in the Ireland Athletic Center for SAP cadets who have successfully completed the SAP program.

May 14th — Honors Convocation will be held at 4 PM in the Ireland Athletic Center. Honors Convocation is held to honor those graduating cadets who have excelled in academics, athletics, and leadership.

May 15th — Commencement will be held at 10 AM at the Ireland Athletic Center.

May 15th — Commissioning will be held at 12 NOON in Chapel.

4.9.21    The Alabama Community College System has provided guidance that mask wearing mandates on college campuses is at the discretion of each college president. MMI’s mask wearing requirement will remain in place through the end of the semester for all cadets, employees & guests to include our end-of-year convocations, commencement and commissioning ceremonies.

3.22.21   President’s Update

To our families,

As we reach the halfway point of the Spring 2021 semester we are making decisions and beginning to plan for the events that traditionally close out the academic year.  These plans are informed by the success we have achieved thus far this semester with COVID-19.  As of this letter, we have administered 1,162 COVID PCR tests since the very start of the semester and have not had a positive test since 17 January 2021.  Our current transmission rate is .52%.  This is a testament not only to the protocols we established and implemented but also to the fact that our faculty, staff and most especially our Corps of Cadets are honoring the protocols.  The fact that we have achieved this while also having allowed some off-campus liberty is remarkable and speaks to the responsible conduct of our cadets for being as diligent when they are off campus as when they are on campus.  We hope to continue this success through the remainder of the semester.

Regarding the COVID vaccine; most of our faculty and staff have already received at least their first shot, and many others, including me, have received their second.  We are also excited that vaccine opportunities are becoming available for our cadets thanks to the support of several local hospitals, clinics and public health departments.  We have begun to gather a list of all cadets who are interested in being vaccinated.  Although we can’t require it, we certainly highly encourage it for the health and safety of our entire campus community.  We are hoping to have the majority, if not all of the Corps of Cadets vaccinated before the end of the semester so long as vaccine supply allows.

Finally, regarding the traditional events that mark the end of an academic year, we are currently planning on conducting our SAP Convocation, Honors Convocation, Commencement and ECP Commissioning IN PERSON.  Our tentative plan is to have SAP and Honors Convocations, and ECP Commissioning conducted in the Ireland Athletic Center (IAC).  Commencement will be conducted outdoors at the stadium, with the IAC serving as the indoor weather back-up.  We will be limiting attendance to 4-guests-per-cadet for all ceremonies and will control this with the issuing of non-transferable admission tickets.  We also anticipate maintaining the current face-covering protocol, and all attendees will be expected to arrive on campus wearing their respective face-covering.  In addition, we also plan to provide all SAP Convocation and Commencement attendees a special commemorative face covering that can be worn as well and can serve as a unique keepsake to remember the very unique, challenging and historic times we have been living through.  Details about all our end-of-year events will be forthcoming.

Please continue to reinforce the importance of our COVID mitigation efforts with your cadet, please continue to encourage them to work hard, to do their very best, and finish what they’ve started here at MMI by successfully completing this academic year.  As always, your support and encouragement in concert with all that we will do for them, their education and development, will ensure that they will finish the year strong, successful, and proud of what they will have achieved.

Spring 2021 Ceremonies:

May 6th   — SAP Convocation will be held at 4 PM in the Ireland Athletic Center for SAP cadets who have successfully completed the SAP program.

May 14th — Honors Convocation will be held at 4 PM in the Ireland Athletic Center.  Honors Convocation is held to honor those graduating cadets who have excelled in academics, athletics, and leadership.

May 15th — Commencement will be held outdoors at 10 AM at the David Robinson Memorial Stadium.  In the case of inclement weather, Commencement will be relocated to the Ireland Athletic Center.

May 15thCommissioning will be held at 1200 noon in Ireland Athletic Center.

3.22.21     The Alabama National Guard will operate a mobile COVID-19 vaccination clinic on the MMI campus on Friday, March 26 (first dose). Cars will enter campus from Clay St. The ADPH link has details & necessary forms to getting your vaccine. 

2.23.21     MMI reports a 1.03% campus testing positivity rate since the Spring 2021 semester began, with 0.0% positives reported in the sentinel testing program. SEE UPDATED TESTING REPORT   

2.19.21   Commandant’s Update

COVID-19 Status:

Testing.  To date we have had no positive cases on campus since our initial testing.  Even with the initial testing, MMI’s positivity rate is only 1.08%. Due to the cadets’ adherence to the COVID Mitigation protocols along with support from their families, we have been able to maintain and even expand the weekend pass periods and have also been able to relax some of the protocols on campus. All this goes to creating a more “normal” environment on campus so that our cadets can focus on achieving their life goals. However, we will be ready to reinstitute restrictions if that becomes necessary.

COVID Vaccinations.  Most of MMI’s staff and faculty have received their first round of COVID-19 vaccinations. We have been working hard to make this happen as soon as possible as another critical step toward a safer campus environment. Our Nurse is already working on plans to run on-campus clinics for cadets when we get to that stage of the program.

Campus Visits:

On-campus visits.  While we have limited off-campus movements on the weekends, to include parent visits, we are still restricting on-campus visitation. Should we have to suspend the weekend passes, we will reinstitute the “Tailgate with Your Cadet” program.

Drop-off.  Parents and families wishing to drop off care packages etc., may do so at the Guard House.  Please limit your stay to the time necessary for drop-off and abide by our face-covering and social distancing requirements. Please do not attempt to meet your cadet on-campus as this puts our cadets at higher risk than necessary.

Athletic Events.  The only spectators allowed at on-campus athletic events are members of the campus community; this includes faculty/staff, cadets and a limited number of family members of MMI student-athletes.  No other spectators are allowed. We ask that all spectators abide by our face-covering and social distancing requirements as well as specific instructions provided the by Athletic Department governing the different venues. Please keep in mind that the campus is still closed to visitors, so spectators should not go anywhere on campus beyond the sporting venue. The bookstore and QM are not currently open to visitors/spectators.

2.9.21     MMI reports a current on-campus positivity rate of 1.17%. SEE UPDATED TESTING DOCUMENT.

1.26.21     Commandant’s Initial Update

With move in complete and classes now underway, I wanted to inform our MMI community of our progress and outlook for the coming weeks.

The President outlined our general plan for the Spring, and here are updates on specific elements of that plan:

With a lot of time, effort, work, grit and perseverance, our cadets, staff and faculty had a successful Fall semester. We ended the semester with a very low 1.5% positivity rate, if not for the unexpected 5-day break imposed by Hurricane Zeta, we were on course to end with a rate of about .3%.

Obviously, we will continue to follow what we know works, but we also have studied what we can do better given our Fall experience.

Spring Initial Entry Testing. We are happy to report that we have only a 1.7% positivity rate on our initial entry and sentinel testing that administered over 410 tests to date. All but two of the positive cases were isolated at home and the last one is close to being cleared to return to campus. This is important as our first goal is to establish a low exposure risk “bubble” on campus, which will help in alleviating some of the stress on cadets, staff and faculty. We will stick to our full mitigation protocols until the end of the month to ensure we have established this “bubble”.

Sentinel Testing Program. We have dramatically increased our random testing program. We will be testing around 120 cadets each week (Monday and Wednesday afternoons). This, combined with on-demand testing (quarantine) and testing for those cadets who are symptomatic, will ensure that close to 35% of our cadets will be tested any given week.

Restriction of Movement. We had begun to implement Saturday walk-out passes last fall just before Hurricane Zeta hit. There were no positive cases as a result of the Saturday walk-out passes. This fact, along with the declining positivity rates in our area and the current very low positivity rate on campus will allow us to consider a resumption of the Saturday walk-out passes as early as this Saturday, 30 January. If we continue to have the same very low positivity rates over the next week, and if area conditions continue to allow, then we will consider a trial “drive out” pass opportunity as early as the following Saturday, 6 February. These passes will provide a window of time for cadets to freely depart campus, but will require them to be back on campus in the late afternoon. This will not be an overnight pass. If all goes well, we will continue this off-campus pass program with an aim to expand these passes to both Saturday and Sunday as we get further into the semester.

Once the drive out passes start, families can make plans to meet their cadets for lunch etc. If you plan to pick your cadet up, please do so from the Guard House and ensure that you have your face covering on and observe social distancing rules. As long as we have drive out passes, there will be no on-campus visitation. We are depending on our cadets and families to ensure strict adherence to COVID mitigation measures while out and about – you are not just protecting your cadet, but all of our cadets!

Parents & families can always drop off care packages for their cadets at the Guard House. We just ask that when dropping packages off you limit your stay to less than 15 minutes and adhere to our face-covering requirements.

Overnights. At this time, we do not see conditions for a resumption of overnight passes. Should conditions improve dramatically (a successful vaccination program is key), we will consider it of course.

Vaccinations. We are working with our state partners on a plan to vaccinate staff, faculty and cadets as soon as we are given the go-ahead. Obviously getting vaccinated is highly encouraged and will help us to get back to a “more normal” mode sooner, especially with regard to off-campus leave and passes, but in the end, it is voluntary. Please discuss this with your cadet so that, when the time comes, they (and you) are comfortable with their decision.

1.22.21    MMI has reported four additional cases in January. SEE UPDATED TESTING REPORT.

1.15.21     MMI has reported three additional cases in January. SEE UPDATED TESTING REPORT 

1.11.21      Over the holiday break, MMI reported several employee cases as well as students testing positive at home. SEE UPDATED TESTING REPORT. 

12.28.20     President’s Update for Spring 2021

To our families,

As we enjoy the last of the 2020 Holiday Season, I wanted to reassure everyone that MMI plans to be as diligent with COVID-19 mitigation and response for the Spring 2021 semester as we were during the Fall 2020 semester.  We will continue to follow operational and mitigation guidance from the State of Alabama, the Alabama Community College System, and the CDC.  We will continue to monitor the latest information and news regarding all aspects of the pandemic including regional conditions and vaccine availability.  We will continue to apply proven mitigation measures as cadets arrive back on campus, measures that have remained in place for our faculty and staff throughout the holiday break and include strict mask-wearing, spacing and distancing, and hand hygiene policies and guidelines that apply across the campus and in all spaces.  Our monitoring program will include initial testing as well as an expanded sentinel testing program that will begin immediately upon the first cadets arriving to campus.  We will also continue to use strategically placed thermal cameras and temperature check protocols and will continue to provide robust medical monitoring and response capability.

We learned much from the Fall 2020 semester and with that experience plan to make MMI’s on-campus experience as safe this Spring as we did last Fall, but also as fulfilling as possible as well.  In this regard, although we will initially restrict off-campus movement as we did for the Fall semester in order to establish a low exposure risk environment on campus, as we get further into the semester we will evaluate conditions with an eye toward a careful and measured relaxation of this restriction by implementing some off-campus liberty opportunities.  We expect these will most likely be weekend walkout and limited drive out passes.  We do not expect a return to normal overnight passes this semester unless conditions have improved substantially enough to allow this to be considered.  However, we do plan to resume our Tailgate-With-Your-Cadet program and will continue to offer the opportunity to drop off supplies and care packages.  These programs should start soon after Cresting with pandemic conditions in our area ultimately dictating the timing.  We will keep the MMI community up to date and all of these things through the cadet information channels and social media.

Finally, I want to ask that everyone be especially careful all the way through the New Year’s holiday and beyond to avoid potential COVID exposure at least 10 days prior to arriving on-campus by adhering to mask-wearing, distancing, and handwashing mitigation measures, and avoiding crowded indoor spaces.  Everyone’s diligence before cadets return to campus will make MMI’s mitigation program substantially more successful once cadets are back on campus.  I hope you all have had an enjoyable holiday break to this point, I wish everyone a very Happy New Year and look forward to a very successful and fulfilling 2021 here at MMI.

COL David J. Mollahan, USMC (Ret)

12.22.20     In the month of December, MMI counted four additional employee COVID-19 cases. SEE UPDATED TESTING REPORT

AL COVID-19 Risk Indicator Dashboard

Providing data & surveillance info about Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Alabama, updated each Friday

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COVID-19 related news & orders from the Governor's Office

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11.20.20   One more student who tested on campus has received a positive COVID-19 test while in isolation at home. SEE UPDATED TESTING REPORT.

11.18.20    Another MMI student who was quarantined at home has tested positive for COVID-19. Contract tracing has placed an additional two students in quarantine. SEE UPDATED TESTING REPORT

11.17.20     MMI has reported three positive COVID-19 tests for students, believed to have contracted the virus while off-campus during MMI’s hurricane recovery. Contract tracing is in place to quarantine close contacts. SEE UPDATED TESTING REPORT

11.10.20     MMI has reported one additional COVID-19 positive student who contracted it while off-campus (during hurricane recovery) and is now isolated at home. Contact tracing has been done and close contacts are in quarantine as well.  SEE UPDATED TESTING REPORT

11.5.20     MMI has reported one additional staff member case of COVID-19 and has updated the POSITIVE TESTING REPORT for the MMI community.

11.3.20     President’s November Update

To our families,

With November here, we are now less than three weeks from the end of the semester and the long holiday break that starts with Thanksgiving.  If the challenges of COVID weren’t enough, we have had to face the additional challenge of dealing with the impacts of a direct hit by Hurricane Zeta, which brought hurricane-force winds that caused extensive regional damage, a power outage, then an extended and related water outage.  Although power was restored fairly quickly, the after-effects of the water outage have persisted over the last few days, which is not uncommon with a temporary loss of municipal water.  We have kept in close contact with the City, which has worked hard to get everything up and running as quickly as possible, assisted by both the County and the State.  So we expect to be back to normal all in the next day or two.  We can then put Hurricane Zeta behind us.  In the meantime, we will ensure our cadets have all that they need, with health and safety being the first priority.

Despite everything that 2020 has thrown at us, we still expect to finish this Fall 2020 semester the same way we started – with the MMI Corps of Cadets on-campus.  We are closing in on final exams and have been tracking well overall.   We have accomplished this because the Corps of Cadets has done what they are supposed to do.  They followed the COVID risk mitigation protocols, to include Corps-wide compliance with what was effectively, at least until this past weekend, an on-campus quarantine since they arrived.  Although we were forced to break this quarantine because of our health and safety response to the impacts of the hurricane, we are still planning to press forward while sustaining vigilance in our efforts to monitor for COVID once the Corps is fully back on campus from the break.

So, they have done what they are supposed to do and are at the cusp of completing a successful Fall 2020 semester.  It has not been easy, but we have all come together doing the things necessary to effectively prevent a COVID infection from spreading through the MMI campus community.  For this reason, I have been especially vocal about how proud I am of this year’s Corps of Cadets and the young men and women who comprise it.  You all have a right to be as proud of them as I am, if not more so, because they are more than a Corps of Cadets; they are a family.

As we look toward the Spring semester, we will likely start out initially much as we did this Fall to ensure we have initial control of a potential COVID impact.  However, we are also hopeful that we can become less restrictive as we move further into the semester.  Of course, the conditions will be the driving factor, but based on the medical progress we constantly monitor, we are hopeful.

Regardless, the ultimate goal for MMI is to provide the same extraordinary education we always have.  It is truly a one-of-a-kind education, one which will be all the more effective and carry all the more weight for each cadet if each finishes what they have started here by either getting their Service Academy appointment or their MMI degree.  These achievements are the ultimate goals for each cadet in their respective programs regardless of COVID.  COVID is something we must deal with, but it should not distract us from our ultimate goals.

Once your cadet returns home for Thanksgiving, I know you will fully enjoy this special holiday, thankful that they are home after having successfully completed their Fall semester.   I hope you will also take a moment to be thankful for the experience they have had so far here at MMI.  It is a special experience, especially this year.  I know I will take a moment to be thankful for the opportunity to be a small part of their experience here, and to witness first-hand the hope they each represent for the future of our country.  Based on how they have conducted themselves through the challenges presented to them this semester, I can say with certainty that our country’s future is bright.

COL David J. Mollahan, USMC (Ret)


11.3.20     MMI has reported one additional cadet case from an individual who tested positive at home.  SEE POSITIVE TEST REPORT

10.14.20    MMI is reporting two additional cases in our campus community: one staff member and one student. Close contacts have been identified and quarantined. We continue to conduct robust random testing through the Sentinel Program (about 10% of our student population weekly) and have no positives from that program thus far.  SEE POSITIVE TEST REPORT 

9.16.20   President’s Fall 2020 Outlook

To our families,

As I write this letter, MMI is less than 70 days away from the end of the semester and the long holiday break that starts with Thanksgiving.

We have weathered the COVID pandemic well so far.  Early on we had two cadet COVID cases that triggered a quarantine requirement for them as well as for those we identified as close contacts, but since then the Corps of Cadets has done a remarkable job following the protocols, and the result has been no COVID cases in the Corps of Cadets since that time.

However, it has not been easy.  The mitigation protocols can be onerous and tiresome, and the Corps has remained on campus since they arrived, but this combination has effectively prevented a COVID infection from getting into and spreading through the Corps.

We continue to assess the conditions in our campus community as well as our local community and our region to better inform our decisions regarding relaxation of protocols, but in the meantime we will continue to plan and conduct a variety of on-campus recreational activities for the weekends that have thus far included intramural sports and activities, movies on the quad and multiple food and dessert trucks.  We are also considering other activities such as a talent show, a pumpkin carving contest, a cookout on the quad, puppies on the quad, and many others.

Additionally, we are planning some MMI-controlled off-campus activities and are also thinking when and how we might begin to lift, at least to some degree, the on-campus restriction we currently have in place, though we are not quite ready for that yet.

However, we are finalizing a plan to allow “tailgate” visits to campus by family members.  I ask family members who do come to campus to comply fully with our guidelines.  I also ask that you come to campus only if you are absolutely certain that you do not represent a potential infection risk to your cadet, because this same risk can inadvertently be passed on to other cadets and spread from there.

Every cadet has a right to be safe on this campus, so it is absolutely incumbent on visiting families to be respectful and considerate by following our guidelines to the letter, remembering that the guidelines are intended to minimize COVID transmission risk to the entire MMI campus community.

Please remember that cadets are here for various reasons – to get a Service Academy appointment, or to get an Army commission, or to play their beloved sport, or to get their first college degree, but most fundamentally of all, for every cadet, to get an extraordinary college education that cannot be achieved on-line.  We do not want to place any of this at risk for any cadet whether that cadet is yours or someone else’s.

We intend to make it to Thanksgiving on-campus and not on-line, and we need your help to do it.  Please continue to encourage your cadet to hang in there, to not quit, to not give up, to finish what they have started, and to follow the protocols, because once we get to Thanksgiving, there will be a long holiday break as pay-back.

COL David J. Mollahan, USMC (Ret)


9.3.20  Part of MMI’s comprehensive COVID-19 mitigation strategy is “tracing” – being able to determine who might be considered a “close contact” of someone who has tested positive.  The UAB/GuideSafe Exposure App is the best tracing capability currently available. MMI is encouraging all cadets, faculty and staff members to download this app to their smart phones.

8.26.20    Due to COVID-19 mitigation measures to protect our campus community, the Marion Military Institute QM student center is temporarily closed to the general public. We are only allowing cadets & employees to dine in or take out from the grill at this time. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

8.24.20   MMI has received notice that one employee has tested positive for COVID-19, bringing the campus total to 3. All employees and students are required to fill out the Healthy Roster survey each morning to be cleared for class/work.  SEE POSITIVE TEST REPORT

8.18.20 Marion Military Institute (MMI) has received notice that at this time two students have tested positive for COVID-19 and are currently quarantined.  They will receive medical treatment as may become necessary in accordance with public health protocols. Out of an abundance of caution, and in our efforts to stem the spread of the COVID-19 virus, we have notified several close contacts, and these individuals are also in quarantine for the next 14 days as per Public Health close-contact guidelines.

Health and safety remain our number one priority. MMI is following medical protocols from state and national health authorities and has implemented recommended guidelines in relation to face coverings, social distancing, hygiene, travel, and visits to the college. MMI is committed to keeping you updated on the COVID-19 risk on our campus and will provide direction to our staff, students and families with additional instruction as appropriate.


– Email. You will receive an email to your MMI account from
– Registration Site: This email will direct you to the registration page of
o Healthy@Work. Don’t be concerned that the registration talks about “healthy@work” it is the right site!
o When asked for the appointment date/time, put in the day you will be moving in. You can use ANY TIME slot – you will test the day you arrive on campus regardless of the time of your appointment.
o Print and bring in your registration page.
– All Cadets currently on campus will be given specific instructions for the day should register, all incoming cadets will register for the day they are scheduled to arrive on campus.

8.6.20   IMPORTANT TESTING INFO FOR ALL CADETS. Students must register for COVID-19 testing through an email from “Verily” before they arrive on campus. Details found here!  

8.3.20   ZOOM TOWN HALL FOR MMI CADETS & FAMILIES. UPDATE: Recording from 8/4 now on youtube. 

7.27.20   COVID-19 Oriented Protective Posture (COPP) Announced

MMI’s comprehensive planning document for the Fall 2020 semester covers everything from move-in days, on-site testing, sick protocol, dining procedures and instructional changes to conducting training/extracurricular activities and more.

7.27.20   MMI Foundation calling on donors to help KEEP OUR CADETS SAFE by donating online for risk mitigation measures.

7.24.20*   Frequently Asked Questions for Fall 2020 Return*updated

7.17.20   Alabama Community College System announces on-campus instruction plans for Fall 2020

7.15.20   Alabama Governor Kay Ivey’s amended Safer at Home order, extended through July 31.  Masks are now mandated statewide when in public. 

6.30.20   MMI Human Resources has released updated HR Employee Guidance during COVID-19 and guidelines for the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) for its staff.

6.2.2020 – President’s Update re: Fall 2020

To our entire MMI Community; incoming students, returning cadets, parents & families, alumni, employees and our community partners:

We began planning for the Fall 2020 semester in late March and have continued to refine our planning through April and May.  Having just closed out our academic year with virtual end- of-year ceremonies, our entire focus has shifted back to the Fall 2020 semester.  As of today, we are preparing to conduct instruction ON-CAMPUS with all cadets in residence. Our top priority is creating a safe and healthy environment while delivering our cadets the extraordinary education we are known for.

To that end, the Fall 2020 semester will be conducted in a manner that reflects the reality of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  MMI will implement a wide range of risk mitigation measures intended to ensure that this campus is as safe as it can be made given the circumstances.  These measures will include things such as protocols for face-coverings, distancing, health screenings, isolation, quarantine, home recovery, medical response and support, and off-campus movement and activities.  These protocols are aimed at substantially reducing COVID transmission risk to both our campus community and our local community.   While some of these measures will make cadet life more restrictive than would normally be the case, at least initially, they won’t alter the quality of our on-campus education which will remain, by any measure, top-notch.   At the same time, however, as we progress through the semester we will continue to assess changing conditions to determine when restrictions may be relaxed.

The academic year is scheduled to start with college classes beginning August 17 and ending the week of Thanksgiving.  We will use a slightly condensed academic schedule to achieve this, which will save cadets one travel event as they will not be required to return to campus to complete the semester right after Thanksgiving, as would normally be the case.  Arrivals will be staggered in July and August, and MMI will inform each contingent on their specific report date along with detailed move-in procedures for their families.

As we have all been affected in numerous ways by the COVID-19 pandemic, we appreciate your continued understanding as MMI adapts while remaining committed to our high academic, leadership, and character development standards.  We will continue to produce Marion Made young leaders for our state and nation, and COVID-19 won’t stop that.  Determination, mutual respect, patience and flexibility will be the themes for the coming year.  If we all do our best, if we all do our part, if we all think about each other and protect each other, and if we all stay-the-course, this upcoming academic year will be one for the record books because of the challenges we will have overcome.

Colonel David J. Mollahan, USMC (Ret.)

President, MMI

4.20.20 – President’s Mid-Semester Update 

MMI cadets, families, alumni and friends:

At this time of year we would normally be in the final days of our Spring sports season; we would have just completed our annual Alumni Weekend; and we would be gearing up for the Spring Formal and the final events that mark the end of the academic year.  Of course our world looks a little different now.  Despite a quiet, empty campus, we are still executing our education mission and maintaining contact with our cadets through a variety of communications means to include recurring live virtual updates and student success recognition. We will continue this through the end of the semester.

MMI is happy to announce that we have developed plans for virtually conducting our traditional end-of-the-academic year ceremonies. These ceremonies are now going to be changed from what were originally scheduled to two weeks later to be live-streamed from the historic MMI Chapel via three formats simultaneously – Zoom, Facebook and Instagram. The Service Academy Program Convocation will proceed on Wednesday, May 20th at 4:00 p.m. Central Time (CT). Honors Convocation is Friday, May 22nd at 4:00 p.m. CT. Commencement will go on Saturday, May 23rd at 10:00 a.m. CT. The MMI Army ROTC Department will conduct the virtual Commissioning Ceremony on Saturday, May 23rd at 1:00 p.m. CT.

Out-processing and the barracks move-out for our Early Commissioning Program (ECP) cadets (ECP) is now scheduled for May 11 – 22. The plan for this is being coordinated by the Army ROTC Department directly with our ECP cadets and will include various coronavirus mitigation measures. Similarly, we have also developed a detailed plan for out-processing and move-out for all remaining cadets to take place at the end for May and early June. Exact dates and details of this plan will be forthcoming and disseminated via various means.

Regarding the question of reimbursement, we have completed a plan for a prorated reimbursement for all cadets who were enrolled at MMI after March 16 and through the end of the Spring 2020 semester. The business office will begin issuing reimbursements in the coming days in accordance with guidance from our higher headquarters, the Alabama Community College System.

Finally, I wanted to thank everyone again for the patience and perseverance that has been demonstrated and made apparent since we went to remote operations after Spring Break. At MMI we will continue to do all we can to support our cadets and their education, and at the same time to keep all of our constituencies, from cadets and their families, to our alumni and friends, up to date and connected despite the challenges of remote instruction, shelter-in-place, and tele-work.  We will get through this crisis so long as we do it together, after all, that is what we as Americans have always done.

Colonel David J. Mollahan, USMC (Ret.)

President, MMI


Details of reimbursements to MMI students enrolled as of 3/16/20

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3.24.20 – Commandant’s Guidance for Cadets

General Situation:  As we enter the “danger zone” of possible exponential growth of the Covid-19 virus cases in Alabama, Marion and Perry County still do not have any reported cases.  MMI is on minimum manning with most of the faculty and staff working from home.  Campus is closed per order of Governor Ivey.


On-line education.  Faculty and staff are focused on supporting you through this period to ensure you not only finish the semester, but finish strong.  If you focus on your studies and exercise a bit of self-discipline, you will do fine and continue on with your plans.  Remember, “Finish what you start!”

Campus clearance.  Our secondary mission is to plan for and execute an efficient and safe plan for you to return to campus and clear your rooms, etc.  Two criteria drive this plan, 1) to safeguard the health of you and all our staff – remember we are not young like you! 2) to ensure that you have the opportunity to take care of all your requirements required by specific programs (such as ECP).

Preparing for Fall.  Lastly, we are looking at our Fall Semester, and it is looking good!  We are taking advantage of an empty campus to get ahead of our maintenance and renovation projects, such as putting new windows into Rane Hall and extending the running trail.  We are also revamping our ITC program and working out a plan to conduct leadership boards for all of you who want to compete for a position.  We are looking at taking in a large C1 class in the Fall, so plenty of leadership opportunities will be available. The future is bright!

Graduation, convocation and commissioning and just staying involved.  The Dean and staff are looking at possible options to commemorate your achievements this year.  Additionally, we are continuing with Year Book work (a slightly different format), class coin design and other ways to stay in touch and involved with your fellow cadets.  Keep your eye on our social media pages for more details and the opportunity to participate.


Stay away from campus!  The next 2-3 weeks will be critical in the effort to “flatten the curve” of new cases of the virus.  Marion and Perry County are particularly vulnerable due to our demographics.  Unfortunately, many of you spent Spring Break in places and circumstances that exposed you to the virus – you may be a carrier and not even know it.  Therefore, we ask that you do not come to campus until your designated time.  This will allow us to manage the numbers and control, to the greatest extent possible, risk factorsUntil then, if you come to campus you will be asked to leave.  Barracks are closed and locked.  Not to worry, we still love you, but we have to act according to the Governor’s direction and in the best interest of everyone. If there is an emergency situation, you may send your request through your TAC for consideration.  Unfortunately, approvals will be rare.

Practice Social Distancing and Self Isolation! This will help to limit exposure to yourself, your family, friends and those around you.  Additionally, this will help mitigate risk factors for you, your fellow cadets and faculty and staff when you return to clear your rooms etc.

ECP and SAP Cadets and DODMERB.  Mrs. Sumlin is still available to assist you in your DODMERB processes.  Please call or email her directly  ( 205-441-3278.  Ensure you leave your name and good contact information should you text or leave a voice mail.

Keep tuned to new developments.  This is an evolving situation, and so our plans are evolving as well.  Expect some changes, remain flexible and we will get through this quickly!

Printable version of 3.24.20 Commandant’s Correspondence 

UPDATE 3.20.20: For our Cadets, their Parents and Families.  After much careful thought, staff discussions and consultation with State leadership, like many of our sister institutions around the country, MMI will complete all remaining classes this semester remotely with off-campus on-line academic instruction. Therefore, cadets will not return to campus for classes this semester.  This is done based on evolving guidance from State leadership and public health authorities, and is in the best interest of the health, welfare and safety of our cadets, their families, our MMI faculty and staff, and our local community.   We ask our cadets to stay disciplined and focused in their studies and, should they have any issues, to reach out to their instructors for assistance.  As per recent direction from Governor Kay Ivey, there will not be any of our traditional on-campus end-of-year events and activities, to include commencement and commissioning ceremonies where large groups of people would gather.  In the next few days, and in the coming weeks, we will provide updated information as necessary, as well as guidance associated with administrative and logistical implications posed by this situation, to include a plan for our cadets to retrieve their personal items and clear their rooms.  Please continue to monitor cadet email, MMI’s website and social media, and communication links through the TACs and faculty.  Again, thank you for your understanding and flexibility!

UPDATE 3.19.20: MMI would like to inform our community partners that, under state and Alabama Community College direction, the MMI campus has gone to minimum manning temporarily, and so all facilities are closed to general public use to include the Excess House, QM, tennis courts and golf course until further notice. Essential administrative functions continue to operate, including Enrollment Management, but please call ahead if you have plans to visit campus to ensure someone is here to receive you. We apologize for any inconvenience.

UPDATE 3.18.20: To safeguard employee health, as directed by AL Governor Kay Ivey and ACCS, MMI will be operating primarily in a telework mode until Monday, April 6, 2020. Supervisors have been charged with managing their departments and will be responsible for determining employee telework schedules, as well as on campus work schedules if such work is essential, but this will be kept to a minimum and coordinated with the President. Those employees who cannot do their work in a telework mode, and are not otherwise required by necessity to be on campus, will remain home on paid emergency leave until April 6. Thank you for your patience as we continue to adjust to a rapidly changing environment nationwide. Please continue to check for updated information.

State of the Community:

Comprehensive Coronavirus information for Alabama can be found at the Alabama Department of Public Health:

Office of the Governor of Alabama COVID-19 info: 

National Resources:

Johns Hopkins University

Centers for Disease Control

Department of State (overseas travel)

World Health Organization (overseas travel)

Coronavirus Prevention Guidelines:

MMI strongly encourages all cadets, faculty and staff to follow the following prevention guidelines:

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Stay home when you are sick.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.

Directive for State Employees

Updated 3/27 from the Governor

Read the Document

Governor's Proclamation

Fifth Supplemental State of Emergency

Released 4.2.20