Freshmen ECP, LEP and SAP students arrive, transition to cadet life

Monday and Tuesday, Aug. 11-12, marked the traditional "Cadet Move-In Days" for the majority of MMI's freshmen class. Inprocessing began in the William R. Ireland Athletic Center followed by stations around campus. Per tradition, volunteers from the Alumni Brigade assisted with uniform issued and greeted new "recruits" and their families. Leadership Education Program (civilian-track) and Army ROTC Early Commissioning Program cadets arrived first, followed by West Point, Air Force and Naval Academy candidates in the Service Academy Program. Coast Guard scholars had arrived as a group a few days prior and were immediately tasked for inprocessing their fellow classmates. Sophomore cadet leadership teamed up with MMI staff to make the process go smoothly. Alabama was well-represented, alongside families traveling from coast to coast. Welcome to Marion!