Jones ’87 Tapped as CIO

In January, MMI selected longtime mathematics instructor and Marion Made alumnus Camie Salter Jones as Chief Instructional Officer, a role which oversees the college’s academic curriculum and supervises faculty/academic support staff. Jones graduated from MMI’s high school in 1987 and holds a B.S. in Mathematics Education from Auburn University and an M.S. in the same field from Troy University. She counts 19 years of experience teaching math at the high school and college level and joined the MMI faculty in 2008. More recently she earned the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching (2018) and MMI Teaching Excellence Award (2019), meanwhile co-sponsoring the cadet Math Competition Team. From 2018-2020 Jones served two terms as MMI Alumni Brigade President. Since 2015, she has been MMI’s Developmental Course Coordinator and will continue in that role in her new administrative position. “I am delighted to have Camie move into the position of Chief Instructional Officer. It always seems to run smoother when you bring in someone that has been part of the current faculty and understands the unique mission of the school especially since she is an alumnus,” writes colleague Mr. David Ivey, MMI’s Chief Academic Officer. “The position of CIO is a position of influence and responsibility as well as one of compromise and complication, and Camie possesses the mindset and experience to be successful in providing a balanced approach for our faculty and cadets.”