Service Academy Program

Contact: LTC Thomas Bowen, USA (Ret)


West Point class of 1982



Since 1910, with the introduction of the “Army-Navy Program,” Marion Military Institute has placed hundreds of America’s finest and brightest young men and women into our nation’s five Service Academies:


In your effort to earn admission into one of our nation’s five Service Academies, you may ask, “Why should I select MMI’s Service Academy Program?”


Our record and reputation of helping young college men and women earn entrance into their Service Academies is unparalleled:

  • 101 appointments in 2021
  • 96 appointments in 2020
  • 92 appointments in 2019
  • 96 appointments in 2018
  • See specifics at SAP Appointment History

Academically, we are second to none:

  • We prepare our SAP cadets well for their Academies in our high quality, fully accredited STEM and humanities courses (Chemistry, Physics, Pre-Calculus and Calculus, English Composition, and American History (American History West Pointers only in lieu of Physics)) that are aligned with the needs of each Academy.
  • We assign specific Service Academy academic advisors (West Point, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Merchant Marine) to those seeking admission
  • Our Academic Success Center provides one-to-one or group tutoring in every SAP subject
  • We provide 32 hours of quality ACT and SAT test preparation by a recognized, professional tutor

You will develop your leadership through hands-on experience:

  • You can earn cadet chain of command positions from squad leader through battalion commander
  • You can lead your company’s Honor Education Team or competitive intramural team
  • You can lead in any of our more than dozen cadet clubs (e.g., Honor Guard, Color Guard, White Knights Precision Drill Team, Ethics Bowl, SCUBA Tigers, Pistol Team, Flying Tigers, Chorus, Band, and the Leaders’ Club)
  • You can lead your lab group or classroom discussions

We will challenge you physically:

  • Through executing organized, centrally-run SAP physical training (PT) 3 times weekly
  • Through your undertaking the Candidate Fitness Assessment, the Physical Readiness Test, and/or the Physical Fitness Exam
  • Through engaging in high energy athletic clubs (e.g., Swamp Fox, Ranger Challenge, Obstacle Course Race Team, Swim Club), some of which are regionally competitive
  • Through lifting in our excellent weight rooms and swimming in our 75 foot-long pool
  • Through participating in company-level intramurals, year-round in a variety of sports
  • Through participating in 1 of our 9 NJCAA athletic teams as a recruited athlete

You will undergo a Service Academy-like experience in our SAP:

  • We will immerse you into a military-like environment that exacts and develops self-discipline
  • You will live under our Honor Code and our honorable way of life
  • You will live under a regulations and discipline system similar to that of the Academies themselves
  • Above all, and through undergoing the arduous, rigorous lifestyle of a Marion SAP cadet, you will develop character, that single element that carries you through performance of your duty, whatever the cost.


SAP Requirements 

All SAP candidates must be morally, physically, medically, and academically sound. All candidates must, as a minimum, meet all ROTC standards.

  • Age 17-22, U.S. Citizen
  • Unmarried with no dependents
  • ACT score of 24 or above, or
  • SAT score of 1160 (580 Math / 580 Evidence Based Reading & Writing)  or more with both a math and a critical reading scores above 580
  • 3.0 high school GPA

For Prospective SAP Students

A personal letter from SAP Director LTC Tom Bowen, USA (Ret)

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