Sophomores ‘Crest’ Freshmen following orientation/training phase


On Friday, Aug. 29, MMI had the pleasure of welcoming nearly 300 cadets into its freshman class. Following a three-week orientation/recruit phase known as the Intensive Training Cycle, new students became members of the MMI Corps of Cadets in a traditional cresting ceremony. The event began with families, faculty and staff in attendance at the Ireland Athletic Center. Following special recognition for top-performers, each freshman received the official MMI crest to wear on their uniform. Sophomores then pinned the crests by companies. 

In his speech to the freshmen, MMI's Battalion Commander Nathaniel Morrison reminded these new cadets of the history and tradition of MMI. "No one knows what the future may hold for us, but each of you has taken step one in pursuit of your individual goals. A year ago many of you may not have known where your next step would be. A month ago only few of you knew how to march, salute, or execute military drill and ceremony. However, in a short three weeks you have made strides toward your transformation into the corps of cadets, and today you will dawn the MMI Crest as a badge of accomplishment, as a reminder of fears conquered, and as the continued pursuit of success."

Following the indoor ceremony, guests filed out to the parade field for a dress parade by the Corps of Cadets. In the heat of the afternoon, they executed a fine pass in review.