Quality Enhancement Plans begins 2nd year with kickoff event

A Kick-Off Celebration was held Monday evening, August 25th for the 2014-2015 MMI Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP).  Hosted by the QEP directors and mentors, all cadets enrolled in the QEP attended the party.  After a brief introduction to the QEP, summary of the two semester courses and review of the schedule, each group (Learning Community) met with one of the QEP mentors.  Dean Tipmore tasked each group to spend some time meeting each other and naming their Learning Community. 

After this exercise, the real fun began.  The cadets ate cake and ice cream, played Xbox (showing off some pretty good dance moves), air hockey, bean bag toss, ring toss and spent time getting to know each other.  Impressed by their interest in the QEP and their excitement about classes to come, the kick-off was a huge success.