Wadsworth Continues to Support MMI Golf

In October of this year, the Wadsworth Golf Charities Foundation, located in Plainfield, IL, awarded a $20,000 grant to the Marion Made Capital Campaign to provide enhancements to support the golf program. This award is the third consecutive year MMI has received funding from the Wadsworth Golf Charities Foundation. This consistent support from Wadsworth Golf Charities has been critical to the improvements on the course, as well as the purchase of a new green’s mower.  Dr. Michelle V. Ivey, MMI’s Athletic Director states, “We are extremely appreciative of the recent grant money provided by the Wadsworth Foundation as well as their commitment to MMI over the last three years. With their assistance, the men’s and women’s intercollegiate golf programs will be able to secure some much-needed equipment to assist in recruiting and retaining quality golfers. Our men’s and women’s programs compete in a highly competitive region in which several teams are ranked nationally year-in and year-out. The assistance provided by Wadsworth will allow us to develop specific areas that our new golf coach has identified to bring our programs up to par with those we compete against on a regular basis.”