Costa Rica Study Abroad Group Reflects on Experience

Over MMI’s Spring Break in March, 13 cadets—accompanied by faculty members Mrs. Beatriz Castro and Ms. Nichole Peacock—explored Costa Rica on an educational tour. Over the course of the 9-day study abroad experience, the group covered the capital city of San José, the Arenal Volcano region, Monteverde cloud forest and the Central Pacific Coast. Highlights of their trip included wildlife river cruises, a hike to La Fortuna waterfall, planting a tree in the rainforest, ziplining on a canopy tour, and visiting a coffee plantation. Several travelers reflected on their experience upon returning to Marion:            


I had the opportunity to do an EF study tour in Costa Rica during Spring Break. This was a great trip that consisted of nature walks, the early history of Costa Rica, agriculture, art, and highflying activities. My favorite part of the trip was exploring a small town in Monteverde. This small town was very exuberant and artsy having a welcoming atmosphere when our group first got there. Another interest was the art in Monteverde which depicts the nature and wildlife of Costa Rica. Lastly, I had the good fortune of meeting a local artist, Daniel Wesson, from Costa Rica. He explained to me the meaning and background of his art and of much art that is in Costa Rica. Studying abroad is an awesome opportunity everyone should take to explore and gain knowledge of the different culture and everyday living other countries have.

-Cadet Tyrese Lane


My experience in Costa Rica was absolutely euphoric! While I was a little anxious flying to Costa Rica because it was my first time ever flying, the flight was well worth it. From zip lining over the beautiful Costa Rican jungle, to night walks through the very diverse forest, and swimming in the very beautiful beaches, my time in Costa Rica was greatly enjoyable. I really would love to go again! Pura Vida!

-Cadet Anthony Tyson


We all were so fortunate to have the opportunity to witness the natural treasures of Costa Rica from the air, on the water, and by long walks through its enchanting forests, trails, and beaches. I was especially happy to see that the government has laws in place in order to conserve each of their 12 ecosystems.

-Beatriz Castro-Nail


Mark Twain says, “Travel makes one modest; you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” This was most apparent hiking through the lush rainforests and swimming in the immense oceans of Costa Rica.

-Nichole Peacock


My experience in Costa Rica was much different than expected. Of course I saw the beautiful landscape and exotic animals, and was amazed, but what really surprised me was the connection we made with our tour guide and our bus driver who didn’t even speak English! My study abroad experience was very rewarding.

-Cadet James Harris


You can learn a lot of yourself when you travel abroad. Being able to experience a new culture opens your mind to the world around you. Costa Rica is an amazing place that truly touches you.

-Cadet Reece Corbett