Gaelic Club: making international connections

MMI’s Gaelic Club continues to make waves.  Dr. Rankin Sherling was invited by a member of the Irish Prime Minister’s cabinet, Joe McHugh, to attend a function designed to draw the Republic of Ireland into closer connection with its Diaspora (or dispersal of Irish people worldwide).  Minister McHugh has taken an interest in the MMI Gaelic Club and makes mention of them him in his “stock speech,” which he gives in Ireland and around on the world many times a week. While in San Francisco, Joe McHugh, who is the Republic of Ireland’s Minister for the Diaspora and Overseas Development, and Dr. Sherling discussed the possibility of receiving surplus Irish Gaelic textbooks and workbooks from Ireland and also possible funding opportunities to help with some of the costs of the Gaelic Club’s annual five-week trip to study Irish in the Donegal Gaeltacht (a region where Gaelic remains the everyday language of the community).  Lastly, upon returning to MMI Dr. Sherling received a phone call from the Republic of Ireland’s Consul General in Atlanta, Shane Stephens, who wants to visit MMI and see for himself the burgeoning Gaelic Language program in the heart of Perry County.