Greece Trip Encourages Wanderlust for Cadets

Traveling the world is something most people have on a bucket list. Several cadets already got a taste of globetrotting on the MMI-sponsored 2019 Spring Break Study Abroad trip to Greece.

For three consecutive years, the Marion Military Institute Spring Break Study Abroad has allowed students a once-in-a-lifetime trip to explore another country’s culture. With previous trips to Spain and Costa Rica spearheaded by faculty organizer Ms. Beatriz Nail-Castro, this year’s program took a turn to the Mediterranean. The March 2019 Greece trip, drawing 13 cadets, was an opportunity to tour ancient sites with expert, licensed guides. Highlights of the trip—starting and ending in Athens—included cruising the Saronic Islands; visiting the Temple of Zeus, the Olympic Stadium, the Parthenon, and the ruins of Delphi; and a final souvlaki dinner with traditional Greek dancing.  The MMI Spring Break Study Abroad program includes an academic component as well; travelers are required to submit assignments before and after the trip throughout the Spring semester. Year after year, MMI cadets return stateside with a newfound appreciation for their chosen destination. Read some of their reflections from the 2019 trip:

“My trip to Greece enhanced my wanderlust and encourages me to continue to travel and explore the depths of this world. It was an enriching experience in all aspects and overall, humbling. It allowed me to physically draw connections between Greece’s society and traditions and America’s society and traditions, and opened my eyes to how different yet similar two countries could be. I aspired this before, but now it’s certain I want to be a globetrotter.”   -Cadet Jhordyn McWhorter

“Going to Greece was one of the best experiences of my life. I was able to see several regions of Greece and many historic pieces of their culture that they are proud of. I learned about the upbringing of Greece as its own country and its influence on the world. I got to share amazing experiences with a good group of people. I was also able to experience Greece’s culture in a way that I wouldn’t have if I had just read from a book. This trip encouraged me to travel more and learn about different cultures across the globe in order to gain a better understanding of perspective.”   -Cadet Javier Diaz

“Greece was an unbelievable experience. I recommend anyone who is interested in traveling abroad to do so! I believe traveling with the school was great for my first time because we had a set schedule but also got to enjoy some time by ourselves. My favorite part was being able to travel to different islands and jumping into the beautiful clear water! I will never forget going to Greece and am so thankful for the wonderful time spent there.”   -Cadet Meggie Flannigan