MMI Marches in Mobile Mardi Gras

For the first time in decades, MMI marched in a Mardi Gras parade. Traveling to Mobile, Ala., Feb. 17-18, the MMI Band, Knights and Honor Guard participated in Friday night's Crewe of Columbus parade and Saturday's Floral Parade at noon.

“Marching in Mardi Gras was such a unique and extraordinary experience that came with a lot of laughter and soreness the day after, and everyone who went became all the closer for it. It was not hard to smile and feel immense pride as the crowd cheered for us to play another song.”   -Alyssa Huenke, Bass Drum Player

We at MMI found out that Mardi Gras is a lifestyle. I discovered our cadets love to dance to loud, DJ-driven floats.”   -Michael Gimenez, Band Director

“It felt great to represent Marion in an event  like Mardi Gras. I really liked the culture, especially when we got to present the colors at a ball.”  -Christopher Robertson, Color Guard