Study Abroad Ireland group reflects on six-weeks of cultural immersion

Life Changing Travel: MMI in Ireland

What is it about traveling that changes us so much? Yes, the exposure to new experiences and cultures grants us a new sense of perspective on our own lives and countries.  But, it’s more than that. Traveling forces us outside of our comfort zones in so many ways. For this particular trip—six weeks in rural, Gaelic-speaking Ireland—small adaptations like unfamiliar lodging, types of food, learning to buy groceries and cook, cultural misunderstandings, new roommates, long classes and an even longer walk to school every day in all types of weather, with the added pressures of everyone speaking a foreign language are just a few of the minor challenges that greet the cadets on their first days of their trip to Ireland and specifically in Glencolmcille, where they will settle in to study the Irish language (over 30 hours in class per week). In the past, some of these acclimatizations have proven to be a struggle when stacked one on top of the other for some of our students. But, for most, it is something far bigger than jet lag and cold, wet walks that brings about the greatest changes in the cadets. ... FULL STORY ON BEYOND THE BARRACKS BLOG by Claire Sherling