Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

Thinking Critically about Leadership

Based on cadet surveys and focus groups, faculty and staff consensus, and data from our Institutional Research office, Marion Military Institute has chosen “Thinking Critically about Leadership” as the theme for its Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP).  The pilot, launched in the Fall 2013 semester, has a target population of all incoming students in the civilian Leadership Education Program (LEP)who are not affiliated with a varsity sport.  The QEP is a semester-long initiative divided into six sessions themed around issues of academic and student leadership, including advising, career development, best leadership practices, information literacy, scholarship/loan education, with supporting activities and assessments related to each session.  In addition, QEP students design and initiate a service learning project each semester.

QEP Director David Tipmore is encouraged by the many positive evaluations from program participants. “The survey results show we’re offering meaningful support to the MMI mission,” he says, “by helping these students understand what it takes to succeed not only at MMI but also in life.”

QEP Learning Outcomes

  1. Thinking Critically to Solve Problems:
  • 1.1  Students will connect academic knowledge to leadership activities.
  • 1.2  Students will analyze assumptions, identify key issues, evaluate evidence, and  articulate a logical argument about an issue.
  • 1.3  Students will identify real-world problems and create alternative solutions from  multiple perspectives.
  1. Learning the Process of Leadership
  •  2.1  Students will think critically about best-practice leadership behaviors and apply  the leadership process to life as a cadet, a student, and as a lifelong learner.