Parents, thank you for letting us make leaders of your sons and daughters.

This part of our website was created with you in mind. Here, you can find out what’s going on at campus, what our cadets are doing, and about events you won’t want to miss. 

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Monday, August 13, 2018 (New ECP/LEP Cadets and Athletes)

8:00 am – In-Processing begins at the Library

11:30 am – Lunch in the dining hall

3:00 pm – Athlete Parent Briefing in the Chapel

4:00 pm – Parent Briefing in the Chapel (all parents)

5:00 pm – BBQ Welcome Dinner at the QM


Tuesday, August 14, 2018 (New SAP Cadets)

8:00 am – In-Processing begins at the Library

11:30 am – Lunch in the dining hall

4:00 pm – SAP Parent Briefing in the Chapel

6:00 pm – SAP Welcome Reception



We strongly recommend that your cadet brings the minimum essential items with them to start school.  These are listed on the “packing list” provided by the admissions department.  Our barracks are average in size, and therefore limited to basic closet storage space.  Our room inspection and safety standards will not allow for certain items.  “Extra” clothes, personal items, games, sporting equipment, etc. will have to be stored (usually in the footlocker) someplace during inspections.

Our suggestion is that your cadet wait until the Thanksgiving Break to bring in extra items.  By that time they will have a better idea of what is permissible and what will fit!  More detailed information can be found in the Cadet Manual.

Prohibited/Problem Items  

A gentle reminder to parents and incoming cadets to avoid bringing items not allowed/limited in the barracks.  These modest restrictions are based on safety issues and supporting our academic and leadership/character development programs.

The main culprits include:

  • Refrigerators. Only allowed for cadets with validated medical needs or those cadets in select leadership positions.  Each barracks has a refrigerator available.
  • Microwaves and other “burner” units.  No microwaves, burners, heaters or open flame devices are allowed in barracks rooms.
  • Flat Screen Monitors. Maximum size for monitor screens is 24”.  Note that each barracks has large screen TVs as does the QM for entertainment purposes.
  • Rugs.  Although allowed, all rugs will have to be stored during inspections.  Please keep them to very modest dimensions.
  • Wall décor. Any items placed on the walls must be in good taste, flame resistant and hung with non-damaging picture hangers (such as “Command Strip”) – no Christmas lights etc.
  • White Board for Barracks Doors.  Must use a reusable, self-adhesive, dry erase board.  Cannot place anything on the doors that will mar or damage the finish.
  • Weapons. No weapons, even for hunting, are allowed on campus.

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Admissions 1-800-664-1842 Commandant’s Office 1-800-203-0086 or 334-683-2322 ROTC Dept. 1-800-664-7682 Emergency Night

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