Cadet Manual

An Introduction:

This Manual outlines the policies, rules, and regulations describing the conduct expected of a MMI cadet. These guidelines are what make MMI a military school. Your time here will be focused and demanding both mentally and physically, yet extremely rewarding. We are glad that you chose MMI to assist in your development as a leader, and more importantly, as a young adult. 

 All facets of the educational experience at MMI combine to:

  • Teach cadets the principles and practices of good leadership
  • Teach cadets high standards of military bearing, appearance, fitness, conduct, and self-discipline;
  • Develop self-confidence, poise, and respect for others;
  • Develop personal pride through the attainment of habits of neatness, orderliness, punctuality, and self-control; and
  • Teach time management and organizational skills.

The day-to-day academic, military, physical, and moral education of the cadet occurs within this framework. The faculty and staff are dedicated to providing a quality education to develop each cadet’s full potential. Development of self-discipline is fundamental in this process. Before cadets can be leaders, they must learn to be loyal and effective subordinates.

While at MMI, each cadet will learn the importance of developing and maintaining a positive attitude and to place the good of his/her unit and the welfare of the Corps of Cadets before personal satisfaction. The tenets of Truth, Honor, and Service serve as the guidelines for the Corps of Cadets as they begin to mature and assume the mantle of leadership.

Understand and embrace the expectations of YOUR school by downloading your Cadet Manual now. 



Cadet Manual