Transportation Service Provided by MMI

Transportation Officer:  Mr. Sam Houston

Office: (334) 683-2326 or (334) 683-2355    Cell: (334) 292-0288

MMI provides shuttle service to and from the local transportation hubs; airports, bus stations, train stations, and Selma for a fee.  Cadets will be charged $35.00 to ride the shuttle bus during school holiday breaks.  The shuttle bus will depart from the MMI Guardhouse at 1230 hrs. on the day of departure to Birmingham Airport (BHM).  No service to Montgomery Airport available. (View the 2017-2018 Birmingham Airport shuttle schedule here).

Cadets are required to schedule with the Transportation Office (use the form below for convenience).  Cadet should check with Transportation Office when arriving in August to get Departure dates for the school year.  Cadets should inform their parents of dates so flights can be scheduled to correspond with shuttle bus departures.

Cadets that require transportation will be charged $90.00 for rides that will not fit into the Birmingham Airport shuttle schedule.

Transportation Scheduling requirements are:

  • Cadet must schedule transportation a minimum of 5 days before departure with Mr. Houston
  • Copy of itinerary
  • Cadet cell number
  • Fee paid before departure


$90.00………………… to Birmingham Airport

$75.00……………….. to Tuscaloosa

$55.00……………….. to Selma

$35.00……………….. Shuttle bus to Birmingham Airport (BHM)

Please fill out the form below to arrange cadet transportation to and from campus. Once submitted, Mr. Houston will be in contact with you. Your reservation is not reserved until PAID through the MMI Business Office in your ALLIANT account. Required fields are indicated with a * symbol. Thank you.
  • Departure FROM Marion

  • Arrival TO Marion